My kingdom for a cloud solution
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Help me cloud-ize my home.

I have approx. 750GB of media and a lot of devices. I'm really sick of trying to manage it all by hand, so I turn to the Green for some help. I have a budget of about $200 for hardware/software. I want a solution that will:

- Allow me to stream video to my Boxee Box without running an external HDD between the computer on which I rip DVDs/download media, back to the Box, and then back to the computer the next time I need to add something.
- Allow me to access my bajillion photos from my computer or iOS devices, share them with family easily, and keep them semi-organized.
- Help me wirelessly keep backups of my computer(s).

I'm thinking a Pogoplug and a very large HDD, but the key here is that I want to go as simple as possible. I don't know anything about Pogoplug except that it allows for accessing media from mobile devices, and that it's generally highly recommended. While I am a nerd, and I'm capable of sitting down and working out some sort of complex system, I do go to school full-time AND work full-time. So ideally, something I can set up on a long weekend and then only update as needed to add new media.

Help me, Green, for I am frustrated?

(if it helps, I'm running: OSX 10.7.2 and iOS 5.)
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The pogo looks compelling, I like the idea for it, an alternative which may or may not work with the boxee is a sizeable hard drive hanging off of an Apple Airport Extreme, you can time machine to it as well..

I have the same requirements and ended up going with a mac mini running lion server, it's pricier but I felt a little bit easier to add features to down the road.
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Maybe a Drobo? I haven't personally used it, but it has a pretty good reputation. There may be newer, better or cheaper alternatives though.
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Boxee can stream files directly from an SMB share on the network. Turn on file sharing with SMB in Lion, and you should be in business!
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Be warned that the Lion SMB implementation is a bit on the shit side. I had to se-setup my media player arrangement to use NFS instead of SMB as a result of Lion.
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Agreed with pompomtom, they totally f'd smb in lion, but NFS still works ok.
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Since your cloud needs are only photos. I would say a pro account with Flickr and a Time Machine compatible NAS and steam video over SMB.
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