Any Seattle history documentaries?
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Does anyone know of any good documentary films about Seattle history? I'm interested in its founding up to the 90s. Not looking for stuff about grunge. Would love it if there were something in a Ken Burns, but I don't expect miracles. Thanks!
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I enjoyed this documentary about the 1962 World's Fair. Also, the Klondike Gold Rush National Park near Pioneer Square features a pretty memorable 30-minute film entitled "Gold Fever: Race to the Klondike" as part of the exhibit.

This would be a great question to take to the librarians at the Seattle Room on level 10 of the downtown SPL branch.
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Wheedle's Groove is newer, acclaimed documentary about Seattle's music scene in the 1960s and 1970s.
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Overtly political, but very enjoyable, This is What Democracy Looks Like examines the WTO protest. (also chronicled in a movie I haven't seen: Battle in Seattle)
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Best answer: The local PBS station, KCTS9, hosts a collection of Seattle historical documentaries.
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Not documentaries, but a couple books by a local historian who ran the underground tour.
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You might run this question by Jess over at
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Response by poster: This is great! Thanks very much, can't wait to dig in.
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Looks like you have plenty of good recommendations.

Just want to mention... the Seattle Public Library provides excellent personalized help with research and recommendations.
"Ask a Librarian"
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