Egyptian Arabic Song Translation Needed....Haty Bosah Ya Bet
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What does this Egyptian Arabic song mean in English? Listen to the song here. Thanks! : )
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I'll have the husband check this out tomorrow night. Check this thread tomorrow, or we'll memail you.
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Response by poster: Thank you, jbenben! I've searched and searched for a translation online to no avail. Looking forward to learning what this song is about.
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Here you go :

"When Okka and Ortega’s hit song “Haty bosa ya bet” (“Give me a kiss, girl”) launched them to popularity last year, their aspirations took them beyond Matareya. Their distinctive sound can now be heard blaring from cars, coffee shops, microbuses and tok toks from Zamalek to Shubra – a phenomenon rarely encountered in Cairo’s carefully separated society."

La shokran 3ala wajib ya sahibati

(wa, ahlan jbenben!)
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