Non-intuitive food combinations that work
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So when I was little I was the weird kid who mixed up food in weird and non-intuitive ways that grossed out many of my peers, but many of those combinations, discovered through largely blind trial and error, turned out to work really well - What are ones that you've discovered?

For example I found cucumbers to go shockingly well with all manner of sweet things like berries and ice cream, also fresh jalapeños but in a totally different way. Every time I've asked friends with similar habits I've always gotten unique and amazing combinations, and there have got to be plenty on AskMetafilter.
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Everybody thinks I'm weird for dipping carrots in peanut butter. Absolutely delicious.
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(Fried potatoes topped with cheddar, with shredded lettuce on top, maybe a little dressing on the lettuce)
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Peanut butter and hot pepper jelly.
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Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. More specifically, natural peanut butter, sharp cheddar cheese, and whole wheat bread. Two great proteins that go great together!
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Potato chips and cottage cheese.
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Bacon jam and mayonnaise sandwiches. Salty, sweet and fat :-)
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Cheese and raspberry jam
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Rice and ketchup is pretty good
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Salt on ice cream. Holy crow it's good!!!
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I keep a list of mine. Not on that list are my recipes from when I was really little; I liked to put cheese, ham, and yogurt on crackers in various combinations. Also, lemon juice + apple juice = orange juice, at least to toddler me.
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If I remember correctly there's a scientific way to identify matching flavours. Compare , which is a Pro's database to these combinations.
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Blue cheese and dark chocolate. I tried this on a whim earlier this year and discovered it was delicious; all of my friends looked at me like I was crazy, but when they tried it they were converted.
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Best answer: Black currant hot tea, Maker's Mark, and honey.
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Very, very, excrutiatingly sharp cheddar + apples. Or + m&ms. Yeah, nobody understood that but I liked it a lot when I was a teen. Maybe I'll have to try it again.
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Quora has lots of anwsers on "Food combination", too. E.g. this one.
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A bowl of cole slaw mix (just cabbage and carrots) + a can of tuna (drained) + oil and vinegar or caesar dressing, all mixed up together. My wife calls it The Abomination, but I love it all the same.
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Ice cold beer with a chocolate-glazed donut.
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Ramen of your choice (I prefer chicken or shrimp) cooked al dente , drained, mixed with 1/2 the seasoning packet...piled in forkfuls on top of ruffled potato chips.

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Marmite and hummus on toast. It tastes kind of like cheese. I've got several other people to enjoy this as well.
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Vegemite and Wasabi Peas
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Cottage cheese mixed with salted Gravenstein apple sauce.
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Peanut butter sandwich with fritos pressed into the middle.

Seriously, you guys, it makes this great CRUNCH when you press the bread down and an even better CRUNCH when you bite into it and also the salt the salt the salt the salt.
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When I was young, my mom introduced me to thinly sliced pickles on peanut butter toast. Yep, delicious.

Also, I love frozen pizza (cooked) and a cold glass of milk. This grosses some people out for some reason.
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Maple syrup on bacon and breakfast sausage.

Apples, sriracha, hot banana peppers, and/or celery in tuna fish salad. Sometimes all at once!

Baked beans in Korean Kimchee stews

MAJOR LIFE HIGHLIGHT: okonomiyaki made with broccoli instead of cabbage, topped with thin fried slices of spam. HEAVEN.
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Mustard on cottage cheese. so goood.
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Mustard on cottage cheese. so goood.

Also, mustard spread thinly on top of a grilled cheese sandwich. Very yummy.
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Toast with orange marmalade and cheddar cheese. Toast with goat's cheese and honey.
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Peanut butter, strawberry jam & mayonnaise. Yum!
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BLT with peanut butter and onions.
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Corn on pizza. Also pineapple and jalapeno on pizza.

Pickle sandwich. Miracle Whip and hamburger dill slices on bread.
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Slices of apple with very thin slices of garlic.

Roasted almonds mixed with shallots lightly sauteed in butter and shrimp. Amazing and goes with anything, surprisingly.

Apple, cheese, raisins. (Weird? Don't know - it was weird to me when I found out.)

Pizza and milk: Yes.

Ice cream and salted peanuts. Oh god yes.
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I've always loved the way sharp cheddar goes with pickles, but only recently did I discover that it also goes amazingly well with kimchi.

Hot dogs dipped in sour cream is surprisingly delicious. The cool creaminess of the sour cream tames the salty meatiness of the hot dog, but they've both got a slight tang going on that works well together.

My mom actually introduced me to banana-and-mayo sandwiches when I was little. She preferred Miracle Whip and so did I at the time, but it's also fine with real mayo. I can't eat them anymore, but I used to love them, and nearly everyone I've persuaded to try just a little bite has been surprised at how much they like it.

And maybe not quite what you're looking for, but I have a really hard time accepting anything other than cola (Dr Pepper or Coke) to drink with tacos or other (Tex-)Mex(ican) food.
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Spicy or pungent things with sweet fruits! Some of my favourite jams from the last year were strawberry/mystery chili peppers from a friend's garden and strawberry/black pepper. And my favourite marmalade I made last year was Meyer lemon and juniper (the lemons smelled so much like juniper when I cut into them that I couldn't resist; I crushed the juniper berries lightly and put them in a muslin bag to hang out with the peel in water for a couple of days, so that there were no bits of them in the finished preserve, and it tastes cold and clear and crisp). I like fruit jams with unexpected herb additions to eat with charcuterie, too; current favourite is apricot&rosemary jam to go with peppery salumi.

I add lavender to a lot of things, too—last week I made apple and lavender jelly which we ate with a reasonably pungent sheepy cheese, and I am going to be daydreaming about it for months.
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egg noodles and cottage cheese


equal parts milk and club soda with chocolate syrup
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Peanut butter and ham (get the good kind from the deli)!

Peanut butter and bread and butter pickle chips, kind of like PB&J but with a crunch (I like Bubbie's but thats only because my Grandma had the nerve to die without telling anyone how to make her totally awesome bread and butter pickles)
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Oh, and I'll enthusiastically second asterix on blue cheese and dark chocolate. The fancy chocolates store in the mall had some blue cheese truffles I picked up on a "I gotta try this crazy disgusting-sounding thing!" basis, and it turns out they're actually really nice together.
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Dipping french fries into a chocolate shake (I always thought this was normal, but my friends look at me like I'm crazy, so apparently it's not as commonly-known as I thought).
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Banana and mayonnaise sandwiches were a staple of my childhood. I like pork and sweet things, but that's not too odd.
Peanut butter on pickles is good, too.
I like to mix corn in my mashed potatoes.
Thinly sliced apples on a hot chicken sandwich with mustard or dijonnaise is yummy.
M&Ms in oatmeal.
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Eggo waffles with peanut butter and syrup. I usually go for the real from-a-tree maple syrup, but for this, the standard "pancake syrup" works better because it's thicker.

And yes, I like peanut butter.
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In fourth grade I discovered that putting freshly-shelled peas in a chocolate ice cream skippy cup and eating that with a pretzel rod was delicious.

And Laverne was right on with the milk and Pepsi.
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Someone already said cheese and jam... but specifically, try a really fresh (real) mozzarella with raspberry jam on it. Oh my god.
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I accidentally made peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwiches when I was a kid -- or maybe my mom introduced me to them, too? I remember there being some confusion, because there was an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood where he makes a peanut butter banana sandwich. And I either (a) did it wrong, or (b) realized I had been doing it wrong. I thought all this time it was just me!

Also good is peanut butter rice soup:
Start with day old refrigerator rice, short grain only. Cover in water in a small pot, add one tablespoon peanut butter or two tablespoons if you're cooking enough rice/soup for two people. Simmer over medium high heat and stir continuously until the substance is glutinous, probably no more than ten minutes.
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Marmite and cucumber sandwiches are delicious. (Especially if you use cream cheese instead of butter.)
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Weeping_angel, my mom likes peanut butter and pancake syrup, too--barely mixed together in a bowl and eaten with a spoon.
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Peanut butter, banana, and mayo sandwich!
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Grape jelly omelet.
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Thought of a non-peanut-butter one: Culver's mashed potatoes and gravy with about 3 packets of honey stirred in. (It would probably work with any mashed potatoes and chicken gravy if you don't have a Culver's but Culver's is awesome.)
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Fresh sliced strawberries dusted in maple sugar powder with brined peppercorns tossed over = awesome.

Brie with slivers of smoked herring. Best with avocado on toasted bagel rounds. Olives optional.

Asian pear slices salted and dipped in sour cream.
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Pepperoni and pineapple
chutney and cheddar
porter and dark chocolate
red wine and dark chocolate
capers and cream cheese and red onions and salmon
peanut butter and green apples
melon or apples and salty ham/prosciutto
figs and cream cheese and sausage

I don't know....sweet plus salty/savory seems pretty great in general.
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beef bologna and best foods/hellman's mayo sandwich with nacho cheese doritos instead of the cheese. you can even tesselate them to make it reach all over. crunchy and awesome tasting.

peanut butter, strawberry jam, and bacon sandwich.

cottage cheese with nacho cheese doritos crushed up on top.

(what? i like doritos. and cheetos. and fritos. pretty much any chip that ends in -tos.)
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I vaguely remember one of my kids making a pickle, cheese and banana sandwich.
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> equal parts milk and club soda with chocolate syrup

egg cream! those are the best.
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brownies with lots of cayenne
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Marmite/ Vegemite on slices of apple. Marmite and banana toasted sandwiches.
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Not my inventions but pretty freaking awesome: tequila shot with an orange slice+cinnamon chaser. Delicious!
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Roasted turkey or chicken dipped in French dressing.
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Black bean soup with a lettuce + tomato + onion + vinaigrette salad dropped on top.
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French fries dipped in honey.
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Potato chips and ketchup. Super yum.
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You've inspired me; I'm going to have a quesadilla with barbecue chips and red bell peppers for dinner.
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Toasted buttered wheat bread, chopped raw onions, honey. Amazing.
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Cheerio sandwich. It came from poverty and marijuana. Two slices white bread, mayonnaise, generic cheerios, and taco bell hot sauce.
Even after we could afford groceries we'd still make them every once in awhile for a bit of nostalgia.
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Tuna melts on toasted raisin bread. Still one of my favorite things.
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I rub mint from my garden over watermelon slices. Delicious.
Had a girlfriend who made cornflake sandwiches. Squishy white bread and cornflakes. That's it. It was a texture thing.
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My husband dips his pizza crusts in soda (mostly Coca cola). I like cottage cheese on baked potatoes. My son likes cottage cheese on tacos. I also love pretzel sticks on a PB and J.

I also love pizza and milk, but never thought it was weird...
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Oh! Pizza crusts in soda reminds me of how much I used to love dipping my popcorn into Coke for just a second, then popping it into my mouth and feeling the popcorn kind of wither away against my tongue.
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Cheddar cheese. honey and lettuce sandwiches.
My Mom eschews maple syrup on her french toast in favor of ketchup, but that's just weird.
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My boyfriend thinks all of the following are weird:
Catalina dressing on tacos instead of taco sauce
apple slices and american cheese
banana slices in a bowl of orange juice (I think I was 5 the last time I ate this)
putting ketchup on baked chicken

I do not share his thinking.
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Nutella on bread is best served with freshly ground black pepper. Seriously.
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peanut butter, strawberry jam, and bacon sandwich.
I'll raise you one and give you the PBBB&J: peanut butter, banana, bacon, and jam. It will kill you.

Also recently made grilled cheese with radishes.
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Potato chips (crisps) and yellow ballpark mustard.
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Salted peanuts on a bean & cheese burrito with salsa. Adds a delicious crunch and complements the burritoey flavor.
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When I was eight I helped found the Chips and Yoghurt Club, dedicated to exploring new food combinations. Our main discovery was french fries or plain potato chips dipped in plain or apricot yoghurt.

At uni a friend introduced me to toasted sandwiches made with a filling of mashed potato+cheddar cheese+dried mint+dash of cumin+salt and pepper to taste.

Now whenever I have leftover tomato-based spaghetti sauce, I eat it on toast.
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Also: Hari Chutney (the green coriander/mint-based condiment ubiquitous at Indian restaurants) on fried eggs.

Bleu cheese and yams.

Fried egg sandwich: soft white bread, egg(s) mixed up and fried, ketchup on one bread slice, mayo/miracle whip on the other.

What I call a "raisin shooter," much to the amusement of my wife: you pop a small handful of raisins in your mouth, chew them a couple of times, and then slam back ice cold milk or half-and-half or cream from a shot glass. The combination melds in realtime in your mouth into a very nice sweet caramely something.
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Mustard and eggs! Seriously, scrambled eggs on toast or a roll with cheddar and mustard--delicious.
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Granny Smith apples lightly salted dipped in yellow mustard.
Margetti ginger sesame dressing mixed w yellow mustard used as pretzel dip.
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This seems pretty tame compared to the rest of these ideas, but I've always loved cream cheese and bacon sandwiches. (Especially on good Jewish bakery seedless rye.)
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Fried cheese and cranberry sauce
French fries and sweet and sour sauce
Fish and grapes
chocolate and shredded zucchini in baked goods
pear and goat cheese
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Two scoops vanilla ice cream, two shots Jack Daniels and four crushed Pecan Sandies. All very cold. YUM!!!
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Cheerios tossed with melted butter and seasoned salt. Yummiest than popcorn!
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Milky Way candy bar and BBQ Baked Lays.
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Balsamic + cantaloupe
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Soy sauce as a condiment on non traditionally Asian foods, like macaroni and cheese or a baked potato.

Sweet potatoes and garlic.
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Dipping french fries into a chocolate shake

Ideally a Wendy's frosty - it's not quite the same in anything else.

PB&J & potato chips
Onion rings with honey
Grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup (I think this is totally logical but it inspires a lot of gross-out faces from my friends when I do it in public)
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Mayonnaise on corn on the cob.
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My dad loves his peanut butter, cheddar and raw onion sandwiches. Me, I go for the stuffing sandwich: lightly toast some sturdy bread, spread with cranberry sauce, fill with hot Thanksgiving-ish stuffing, and enjoy your bread sandwich.
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Chicken, cheese and banana pannini. Try this with left-over roast chicken (or a halal BBQ chicken), a really bitey cheddar, and perhaps some garlic rubbed on the bread - you'll thank me.
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Two from my parents:

My father insisted on grape jelly atop his scrambled eggs.

My mother used to repeat this rhyme when baking: Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.
Apparently this involved laying a slice of American cheese atop each piece of warm apple pie.
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My last year of university I had sliced dill pickles and a strawberry shake every day.

I make a feta and watermelon salad that lots of folks turn their noses up at, but then adore. Watermelon chunks, feta, lots of fresh squeezed lime, mint if so inclined.
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Shaving cheese (that nasty cheese-product in a spray can) and frosted flakes. What was really amazing is that this tasted at least as good when we were sober.

Growing up I thought cottage cheese was always served with corn syrup on it. My mom still eats it that way.

I still like strawberry jam on a grilled cheese.

I only just realized all of these focus on cheese.
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One summer I ate a lot of peanut butter, Grape Nuts and BBQ sauce sandwiches. The Grape Nuts were because my housemates liked creamy peanut butter—which I find lacks a certain gravitas— and the BBQ sauce stood-in for the tangy/fruity jam we never seemed to have.

I haven't revisited the PBBBQGN in a few decades. These days I buy my own peanut butter, so it's crunchy without having to add Grape Nuts, and I keep a jar of hot mango chutney on hand for sandwich-making.Which is good, but not nearly as interesting a combination.
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Reese's peanut butter cups and baked ruffles cheddar and sour cream chips.

Fried egg, ham, and American cheese sandwich with strawberry jam.
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Sandwich: your favourite breadish stuff, avocado, peanut butter, hot salsa, sriracha sauce, old cheddar, hot red pepper jelly, farmer-style cream cheese or ricotta. Mmmmmmm....
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Banana with a Kraft single wrapped around it. Delicious. It was on Mr. Rogers when I was about 4 years old (1983-ish) and it's been my go to snack ever since.
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Thought of another one, pretty firmly in the junk food category. Sour Cream & Onion Pringles laid out on a plate, with a slice of extra extra extra sharp (as sharp as you can find) cheddar on each one. Microwave for 10-15 seconds. We called these "dorm nachos" when I was in college.
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Fried egg (with a runny yolk) on salad greens.
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Also: rice with butter and soy sauce.
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grape jelly over rice crispies in milk
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Thinking more on this, I also like cheese and mayo sandwiches (am. cheese, with mayo, bread of your choice). A good snack is popcorn and that tostitos salsa con queso.
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I eat lettuce sandwiches with American cheese, ketchup, and mayo.

Salt on Mcintosh apples, the way my grandmother ate them.

Ketchup sandwiches, ketchup on macaroni and cheese, ketchup and maple syrup on sausages.
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Peanut butter and bacon on toast.

The peanut butter gets a bit of saltiness from the bacon, bringing it's flavor up a bit; the bacon gets a bit of sweet from the peanut butter, which also works well.
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Ice cream (preferably something chocolatey) with potato chips (I discovered this one very drunk night where we had a pint of Ben & Jerry's but no spoon, and needed an alternative scooping mechanism).
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My SO likes whole wheat toast with butter, topped with hot green salsa. He said the butter adds an interesting dimension to the salsa.
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We put cucumbers on our nachos! That was on a whim because we had them in the fridge and I thought it would be terrible, but now I request it. Nthing salt on ice cream; I used to just do it for salty caramel flavors but now I do it for all of 'em!
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Here's a dessert my grandma used to make that always sounds weird but is delicious:
Pineapple sherbet topped with dark chocolate shavings and creme de menthe drizzled over the top. I'm betting this was a popular dessert in the 40s or 50s that has fallen off the radar.
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bread & banana sandwich
bread & banana & mozzarella sandwich
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Mix up cooked Kraft Mac and Cheese, a can of mushroom soup, and a can of peas, then dump Open Pit barbecue sauce all over it. I eat this in secret. Looks appalling, tastes amazing.
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Not a food combination per se, but...

Eat your leftovers cold! To my mind, all food has a "warm face" and a "cold face". If you only eat your hot food while it's hot, you're missing out on half the fun! Sometimes cold leftovers will taste good in the same way they did when they were warm, but sometimes they'll be delicious in a completely different way. Last night's tortilla soup is today's gazpacho!
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Egg salad with chopped green olives and sardines.
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The "apple pie drink" was coca-cola, apple cider and a dash of cinnamon.
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Green grapes dipped in peanut butter
Graham crackers eaten like cereal in a bowl of milk
Oreos, eaten the same way
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bowl of hot white rice, cold milk, scoop of peanut butter in the spoon, eat like cereal
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cream cheese and olive sandwich (I could eat this every day, except I'd be all fat n' stuff)
pepper on cantaloupe
cheddar cheese on apple pie (saw this one above, so maybe it's not uncommon?)
mustard on chili
hummus and cheddar cheese sandwich
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Vegemite, mayonnaise, peanut butter and cabbage sandwich, which also works with apple slices if you don't have a cabbage around. Sounds terrible but it works surprisingly well.

Sharp cheddar cheese and Christmas fruit cake.

Sweet Chilli & Ginger sauce on fries or potato wedges with sour cream.

I find the idea of Peanut butter and chocolate weird but every American I've met seems to love it.

Grainy mustard or horseradish cream on hot buttered toast.

Black pepper on strawberries.

Also like Afroblanco I love eating leftovers cold. Cold sausages, or cold steak sandwiches with leftovers the next day just taste different.
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Chunky peanut butter omelet.
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chocolate ice creme topped with dry tang mix
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Chocolate ice cream with a drizzle of vodka. A healthy drizzle.
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Banana Coconut Quiche
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Yoghurt and grapes. Not that weird, but I was surprised to find how tasty the combination is compared to each ingredient on its own.

The same goes for the aforementioned banana slices in orange juice.
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As a child my husband used to enjoy popcorn floating in his tomato soup. I've never had it though and can't vouch firsthand.

Fruit goes crazy well with meat and I'm always surprised it's not more common these days (I know it was more so during medieval times or whatever). Sausage with grapes that have been cooking and bursting a bit in the sausage fat, whether on the stove or in the oven; poultry or pork with apples, prunes, or plums; figs with rare beef or roast pork; chicken with any kind of citrus really; dried apricots that reconstitute in the cooking juices of lamb in a tagine; turkey with blackberries or strawberry salsa; reconstituted golden raisins in ground beef for meatloaf, meatballs, or hamburgers etc.

It's not that weird really, but putting a layer of potato chips inside a tuna fish sandwich is delicious.

Utah fry sauce (mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise mixed together, used to dip fries) is surprisingly good too.

Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter (SO GOOD) spread thinly on thick smoky bacon is to die for. The cinnamon and smoke and fattiness and salt and sweetness...ack, so good.

Not really weird so much as trashy, but Parmesan goldfish crackers with a glass of red wine is delicious. It's my "girly night in alone with pajamas on the couch" thing. And no other goldfish will do!

Dittoing apples or pears spread thin with spicy mustard, salt + ice cream (spanish peanuts with their skins still on in vanilla ice cream is way better than it has any right to be), and the more common to the point of being formalized in recipes/cuisines deal of cheddar with apples or apple pie, elote-type stuff (corn + mayo + lime + chili powder), and spice with sweet (cayenne brownies or fudge, melon with chili powder and lime, etc.). And post-Thanksgiving stuffing sandwiches are def. a guilty pleasure in my family.

There's a book called The Flavor Thesaurus that has some interesting personal-quirk-type flavor combos in it. As a bonus, it's quite well written. It's more adventurous but less comprehensive than The Flavor Bible.
posted by ifjuly at 9:53 AM on November 4, 2012

My brother eats Dorito's with mustard. YMMV.
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BlahLaLa: "Very, very, excrutiatingly sharp cheddar + apples."

Be careful. A few years ago my wife and I had an apple-tasting party (soooo fun and it's not too late to have one before all the varieties disappear this fall). One of our "tastings" included cheddar. It tasted delicious with some of the crisper and more tart apples, but was horrible with some of the others. So carefully taste an apple and cheese together first before deciding you'll eat both together.
posted by Deathalicious at 3:29 AM on November 5, 2012

Response by poster: "Chunky peanut butter omelet."

Followup question, how could this possibly not be a terrible idea?
posted by Blasdelb at 1:20 PM on November 5, 2012

Donut toad-in-the-hole.

Take a donut (preferablly a cake-y one).

Butter a pan. Cut in in half. Crack an egg in it. Fry.

Eat with catsup if you're hopelessly addicted.
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Fritos and chocolate pudding.

I *was* a kid at the time. Even so. Mmmm, sweet + salty.
posted by Because at 6:29 PM on November 6, 2012

Dill pickles on nachoes. Effing incredible. EFFING INCREDIBLE. A restaurant in my city actually has dill pickles as a nacho topping option so this may be a local thing, but I know that it isn't a common practice even here since everyone that has seen me do it thinks I'm nuts. Just trust me, dice up some dill pickles and throw those mother fuckers on your nachoes with the rest of your toppings. Bonus points if you also add diced avocado. (much better than mushing it in to guacamole IMO)

- My sister used to eat fried baloney with crunchy peanut butter smeared all over it.
- slices of avocado on pizza turns pizza up to eleven... AND A HALF!
- And not a food combination, but I think Cream of Wheat makes a great snack. Apparently this is strange. My finacee has said "I love you even though you consider Cream of Wheat a snack."
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Peanut butter bacon burger.
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Stumbled on one the other day and now I'm totally obsessed with it. A good, figgy fig newton or good nutrigrain-style bar--something with that cake-y soft layer and then some smudgey thick sticky seedy fruit--with a thin wedge of brie or camembert on top of it. So good. Not terribly surprising--lots of baked goods with creamy cheeses have fruit fillings and cake-y crust--but it's the fact the cheese is relatively unsweet to most said baked goods (less sweet than goat cheese or mascarpone or cream cheese, say) that does it.
posted by ifjuly at 5:26 PM on November 7, 2012

(I used Fig Newmans, Paul Newman's brand of Newton)
posted by ifjuly at 5:28 PM on November 7, 2012

Avocado & banana, mashed together. I 'created' it as baby food. I'm too picky to eat avocados myself, but I did try this before feeding it to the kids and it worked rather well.
posted by MeiraV at 1:32 PM on November 19, 2012

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