Getting to/from BOS and the hotel?
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What's the best way to get from BOS to Hotel Buckminster on Sunday afternoon?

My business partner and I will be arriving into Logan around 3:30 on Sunday. We're slated to stay at Hotel Buckminster (Beacon St). I've used Uber in the past because they're just so damn convenient and on top of things, but if there's some other alternative that's less expensive, I'd love to hear about it.

What's your favorite way of getting from the airport to that part of town?
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Best answer: Taking a cab from the Logan taxi stand is the easiest option.
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The T would be your cheapest option but it would involve a shuttle from the airport to the airport T stop then taking the blue line to government center and changing to the Green Line (but not an E train) and getting off at Kenmore. If that's too much of a hassle then a cab is probably your best bet.
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Taking the T isn't so bad if you don't have too much heavy luggage. You do have to take a bus (Silver line?) but then it drops you off right at the train station and then I think you have to switch a line but it will drop you off very close to the Buck. And it's really cheap, like $2 for a Charlie card for one way, $11 for a day of riding, and $18 for a week of using the T.

Other option besides a cab is to take a shuttle or livery service which could be cheaper than a cab but still way more than going through the T.
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A cab on Sunday afternoon will take about 20 minutes to get from Logan Airport to Kenmore Square and cost you about $40.00. Personally, unless I had a ton of luggage, I'd take public transit - in Boston it's called the 'T' - which will cost you $2.00 each and take about an hour.
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Best answer: The multiple T changes (from the Silver Line, to the regular subway, to the green line trolleys) is more than I'd want to do with luggage, particularly if this is for business and I can be reimbursed. So I'd go for the cab.
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