Chinese history for kids
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Is there a good book for an older kid about the history of China? Or, related questions, other great world history books for kids?

My 10 year old and I are just finishing reading A Little History of the World out loud, and we both love it, but despite it's greatness, it gives predictably short-shrift to the history of Asia. I'd love to find a book that talks about the the history of China, so she gets a sense of all the political, technological and cultural advances that happened there first.

We'd also be open to a simply-written history for adults. She's a pretty sophisticated/advanced reader.
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(Ooo, I wrote "it's". Sad.)
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The Cartoon History of the Universe and its sequel have some large sections on Asian history. (Contains some violence, etc, but so does history.)
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nthing Cartoon History of the Universe. Great series of books.
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