What are some good daytrip destinations within 3.5 hours of Pittsburgh?
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I'd like to get out of Pittsburgh for a daytrip with some girlfriends this Sunday. What are some fun places within 3.5 hours drive of Pittsburgh where we can eat nice things, see nice things, and drink nice things for a day? What should we do when we get there?

We would like to stay out of the snow, if possible. Right now the top choice is Columbus because I would happily drive that far for Jeni's ice cream. However, I don't have any idea what else I would do there, so we're open to all kinds of suggestions.
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Cleaveland, visit the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, party at the flats. Stuff like that.

Falling Water would be a nice thing to do.
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My husband trip to Fallingwater and the nearby Kentuk Knob house this spring and it was great. The area around there is really picturesque with lots of nice B & Bs, nice towns and really nice resturants. This link gives some more attractions in the area.
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Do you guys like beer? I just went on a brewery tour up north - we hit three breweries in Erie, one in Venango (we stayed in a farmhouse there, the Sprague brewery), one in Meadville (Voodoo) and then the last in Slippery Rock (North Country). They were awesome!

It was a beautiful drive up 79; lots of trees and scenery. You wouldn't want to hit more than one of these in a day trip if you're driving, but if you're in the area up north they are worth checking out!

I really liked walking around Butler, and it looked like they had a really nice Asian art museum (it was closed when I was there) and neat art gallery.

Fallingwater is absolutely beautiful in the fall (any season, really) and the area around there is awesome.
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How about Morgantown, WV?

If you're up for a hike, Cooper's Rock State Forest has spectacular views.

If you want to have a beer and pizza, Mountain State Brewing Company is downtown.

If you're looking for wine, The Vintage Room gets good reviews (for which I cannot vouch).

Golden Finch and The Richwood Grill have consistently great, ever-changing menus. Richwood focuses more on locally-sourced, sustainable food, which is excellent, and the Finch is also excellent but less pricey.

Grab a scone or cookie from New Day Bakery.

I like food a lot, hence my suggestions. There are plenty of outdoorsy things to do in the area too.
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If you do come out to Columbus, there's North Market, the Museum of Art, the short north (come on the first Saturday of the month and check out Gallery Hop), German Village and the bookstore therein, the Columbus Zoo, Barrel 44, Spagio, Alana's, Tip Top ... and, of course, Jeni's, like you said! Columbus Underground is a good resource for things going on around town.
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I'm a huge fan of Columbus, but am often hesitant to do that as a round trip in a single day. Especially through the hills of WV as it starts to get dark earlier. And I'm not sure how much snow there currently is in the Laurel Highlands, as much as I love Kentuck Knob. So that said...

There's a Jeni's in Chagrin Falls, a super adorable quaint little village outside of Cleveland. Also home to Bill Waterson (of Calvin & Hobbes). You know the gazebo Calvin is crushing on the back of one of the comic books? That's in Chagrin Falls, just down from Jenis.

So my proposed day trip would include leaving Pittsburgh, driving up to the greater Cleveland area. Timing it so that you can hit the West Side Market. Shop & munch your way through there. Go to the Art Museum, though I'll admit that I prefer their Science Center to our own, if that's your thing. Head over to Chagrin Falls, marvel at the quaint, eat ice cream at the gazebo. Then on your way home, go south and swing through Akron. Just so you can stop at the West Point Market. And be envious that we have nothing like it in Pittsburgh. (Obviously my suggestions are more food based and may require you taking a cooler... and as a heads up from someone who is completely not in the know - the science center & RR Hall are by the stadium. So if the Browns are in town, don't go near either.)

ChuraChura is spot on for Columbus, my only big addition would be to suggest Wholly Craft. The closest Pittsburgh analog would be Wildcard. And your must do is German Village, not only for the bookstore mentioned, but also for Brown Bag Deli and Pistacia Vera.
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I can get to Washington, D.C. in about 3.5-4 hours from Pittsburgh. And I'm generally not driving all that fast. I assume Baltimore would be about the same. Also, I would try to avoid times when traffic would be heavier, but it is on a Sunday so there shouldn't be rush hour.
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