What's to do in Austin, TX?
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Things to do in Austin this weekend?

Hi Austin MeFites! Mr. lfr and I are taking a short trip to Austin this weekend - arriving Friday afternoon, leaving earlyish Sunday morning.

We'll have a rental car, and we will be staying at the Hyatt House northwest of downtown.

Would love any tips/tricks/suggestions or OMGMUSTSEE! things (museums? art? music?) as I've procrastinated (as usual) on figuring out our agenda and have zero clues as to what to do. I understand there's a music festival going on, and one of my erstwhile Denver friends is a pedicab driver so we're going to try to hook up with him for a quick tour of downtown on Friday evening but so far we are completely unscheduled. Would definitely appreciate some guidance and suggestions as neither of us has ever been to Austin before.

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Best answer: Museums: I always think that a trip to the Harry Ransom Center on the UT campus is worth a visit. They have the first photograph ever taken, a Gutenberg Bible, and right now they've got a show about Norman Bel Geddes that I've been meaning to see. Bonus: free.

It's always fun to catch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. Get there a few minutes early for the pre-show. It looks like they've got a couple of quote-alongs scheduled for Saturday at a couple of their locations, which could be fun if you're into that sort of thing.

Mount Bonnell is a nice place to stop and get a look out to the west. If it's hot out (looks like it will be pretty warm), Barton Springs is a great place to hang out and cool off.

As you may have heard, we're kinda spoiled for choice in terms of live music. Even apart from FunFunFun Fest, I'm not sure what to recommend to you, but you might want to troll through the music listings of our local alternative weekly.
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The Austin Celtic Festival is going this weekend.
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Best answer: Roller Derby.
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There's a Whisky Expo, Greek festival, and a couple of Dia de los Muertos events. (scroll down)
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I like http://do512.com/ for lots of weird stuff going on in my favorite weird city. It can be kind of hit-or-miss, but I think it's got a lot of smaller events that get missed.
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Best answer: 1. Eat breakfast tacos. You want to enjoy tacos at one of the following fine establishments: Torchy's, Tacodeli, Taco More (OMG the cabrito!), Taco Joint, Cocina de Consuelo.

2. Get thee down into the green belt.

3. Stuff your gullet. Eat at Barley Swine, Foreign & Domestic, Justine's Brasserie, Polvo's, Contigo, Uchiko, Kome, Swift's Attic...the list goes on.

4. Get your drink on. Drinkwell's, Tigress, Midnight Cowboy for cocktails. Draught House for beer. Rio Rita, The Grackle, Liberty, Violet Crown Social Club for East-side casual bars.

5. Food trucks! Me Llamo Taco, Via 313, East Side King, Way South Philly...

6. BBQ! The tourists all get Franklin's... and it IS the best brisket in town, but it comes with a 2 hour wait. Locals who know better go to J. Mueller's on South First.
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Vintage shopping on North Loop. Crazy junk shopping at Uncommon Objects...
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Best answer: Sadly (for you) the Texas Rollergirls will be in Atlanta this weekend.

Go see the Umlauf Gardens for a really neat outdoor sculptural museum.

It's probably too cool to swim, but the Hamilton Pool is still a very nice hike.

Definitely hit up the Alamo Drafthouse, man I still miss that place. All movie theaters should be so great.
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Response by poster: ARGH no roller derby in Austin until February, boo! All of this is tip top, thank you and please keep suggesting! :)
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Best answer: Fun-Fun-Fun Fest is this weekend. Not just music, but comedy, food, fashion and poster art.
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This isn't actually in austin, but ~45 minutes south on the 35 in New Braunfels, Tx (Near San Antonio, actually) Wurstfest is going on, which is essentially the big central texas octoberfest
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go down to lockhart and get bbq at smittys
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funfunfunfest is in Austin. Not New Braunfels.
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Kaseijin's suggestion of JMueller, while an excellent choice, may be worth having a Plan-B for this weekend. Per this article, John's been kicked out and they are interning a pitmaster from Franklin's with some downtime before re-opening.
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Best answer: You know who has really outstanding BBQ? Lambert's. Yeah, it's expensive and upscale, not the traditional steam-table-and-kraft-paper-on-a-tray experience. Whatever. If you feel like treating yourself and have the time, they do a Sunday brunch buffet with all their tasty bits on parade that is absolutely worth it.
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Seamus, that is depressing news about John Mueller. Man...that guy makes goooooood BBQ, when he can stay in business.

So yeah. Scrap that one. Stiles Switch on Burnet is a pretty good BBQ place, too, and generally not crowded at all...though it also has its share of Mueller family drama, if I recall correctly.
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