Need recommendation for DVD duplication
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Do you have personal experience with a DVD duplication company? Need recommendations

I am needing to print about 75 DVD-ROM sets. Want them shrink-wrapped, full color inserts, art on the discs. inserts, the whole 9.

I'm finding lots of places online but wonder about quality, turnaround time, etc. I was hoping for anyone with personal experience having done this if there were recommendations

I've done my Google homework but looking more for personal experiences, such as "stay away from because they were 45 days late" etc.

And I did see this previous MeFi about it but it's 5 years old and so I'm wondering if there's more up to date information
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i've used for things from data cds to music, to full on retail Video DVDs with the full treatment. Never any problems.
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We used and if I recall correctly, they have a minimum order that was around 1200 dvds. Now we use and you can order as low as one dvd. You said in your question that you want to to print sets. I don't know if either of my suggestions will produce a boxed set for you.
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Oh and both places produced good quality and no problems in getting the DVDs.
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at discmakers you can do small quantities, it is just that other options are limited--some of the packaging options require a minimum that is a little higher. i'm not sure about multi-disc sets either, but the technology of production and printing these is pretty mature now, and there are a ton of options.

all good deals on pricing fly out the window if you have to do rush production or rush shipping....keep that in mind.
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