You can wear long skirts, which are very pretty. Same kind of length that men wear.
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For those better at recognizing voices than me: who is the woman talking about clothing in the Jon Kennedy song, 'Style'?

The Jon Kennedy song, 'Style', on the album '14', uses several voices that sound like they have been sampled from television shows / movies / other sources perhaps.

Style by Jon Kennedy (YouTube)

There is a woman's voice saying things like:

- "Try and dress it up"
- "Think of the belt that's going to go with it, think of the shoes you're going to wear"
- "You can wear long skirts, which are very pretty. Same kind of length that men wear. If they're very short, they'll make you look short and fat"
- "Terrible"

I've been wondering about who this is for some time, and recently, while watching an episode of the 60s/70s English show, 'The Avengers', it occurred to me that it sounds very much to me like Diana Rigg, albeit an older Diana Rigg than appears in The Avengers.

I've suggested this to the few people that I talk to about these things , some have agreed, others have disagreed, some have suggested Joanna Lumley (who also appeared in a later version of The Avengers) as a possible candidate.

I'm wondering if anyone in the Hive recognises the sample itself, and / or who do you think it is?
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It reminds me of Joanna Coles. Samples of her talking about fashion and making harsh judgments like "Terrible" probably wouldn't be hard to find anyway.
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Thanks Monsieur Caution. Joanna Coles doesn't ring the same bell in my head as when I listen to the sample and then Diana Rigg; but that could be just me.
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