Where to buy shade-grown organic coffee?
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Coffee drinkers! Can you help me source shade-grown organic coffee (I'm not interested in certification, but rather in those principles) from a US roaster that will roast and ship to me within 24 hours? Your personal recommendations only, please.

I am looking for personal recommendations for shade-grown organic whole bean coffee from a US roaster that will roast and ship either on the same day, or roast one day and ship the next day. I am also in the US. I've found several sources through Google, but would like recommendations from MeFites who've actually used such sources.

I am primarily interested in coffee that is shade-grown and organic. Rainforest-friendly, bird-friendly, fair trade would all be bonuses. I am not looking for certified coffee (although certifications are fine), but with what I've sometimes heard called "relationship" coffee -- where the roaster knows and works with cooperatives in coffee growing countries that follow the above principles. Something like the equivalent of "know your farmer" organics, where the farmer isn't necessarily certified organic.

Even MORE specifically, I am looking for recommendations of medium-roasts of such coffees, but if you can recommend a specific roaster but not a specific coffee, that's great.
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For a one-time order, or are you looking for a supplier? We've been pretty pleased with Just Love Coffee here in TN (right in my back yard, actually) - they order and roast themselves, have a decent organic selection and offer wholesale services too. They're good people to boot - give 'em a shout and see. We don't buy coffee from anyone else any more. I'm in there probably every other week for more Sumatra and Ethiopian.
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If you're willing to try an espresso roast, I would suggest Espresso Vivace Dolce or Vita. Both are shade-grown, hippy-approved, and roasted/shipped same day. I'm not the only one making the suggestion and apparently Emeril Lagasse has described Vivace as the best coffee in the US.
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I've really enjoyed the 50/50 Arabica/Robusto from Cafe Justo, and they're pretty much the essence of 'relationship' coffee.
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My personal favorite is Gimme! Coffee, which does a lot in the way of relationship coffees. I'm especially loving their Kenya Gatomboya right now, and if they get more Finca San Luis in, I would get it in a heartbeat.
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Camano Island coffee roasters. I think you'd like their Papua New Guinea medium roast.
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Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago.
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Old Bisbee Roasters is awesome. Pretty much all the African coffees are out of this world.
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some choices from Memphis: Ugly Mug (certain blends and stuff are certified organic though the rest are fairly close, and shade-grown) and a kind or two of McCarter Coffee's items are noted organic and shade grown. Ugly Mug is my brand of choice (either Hardy Passion or Saving Grace, both of which are medium roasts). have heard good things about McCarter but haven't (yet) been able to try it out.
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Bridgeview Coffee Roasters is my supplier.
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Blue Bottle is the Bay Area standard for geeky hipster artisanal coffee. The whole company started around the principle of brewing no beans more than 48 hours out of the roaster. Every individual cup of coffee I've had out of their retail outfits has been extraordinary, so I don't think you can go very wrong here.
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Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I am looking for a place I can order from for my personal use, not a wholesale or office supplier. I have lots to check out, but please keep the suggestions coming.
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Ruta Maya in Austin, Tx is roasted right here in town and can be ordered from their website at your leisure. I was turned onto it by a friend before moving here because it is shade-grown (I believe it was a play on my nick when he sent me the first pound).
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Have a look at Goldenvalleyfarms (http://www.goldenvalleyfarms.com). They handle individuals or businesses and have been in the industry for a long time with direct connections to many growers.
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Try Kanalani Ohani Farm. Organic, family-run, they roast just before shipping. Excellent kona coffee.
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Caffe Ladro: Though their web site doesn't seem to mention it, they use beans that are shade-grown, certified organic, and certified fair trade (reference). They offer single-origin roasts based on direct-trade relationships with growers. We buy their coffee at retail here in Seattle, so I can't vouch for their mail-order business; you can ask them if you want to know more since their site is slim on details.
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Tonx? Delicious.
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