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Any experience with selling an article, as opposed to a book, for Kindle on Amazon?

A very specialized blog post I wrote has morphed into a 6,000 word article.

After months of research and hours of work I want to sell it now on Amazon, rather than post it for 'free' on my site.

Does anyone have experience with this approach and process?

Pros and cons? Advice?

Hexes or well wishes?

I'd love to hear more.
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Best answer: You can try to submit it to the Kindle Single program. They accept unpublished and self-published article-length ebooks.
posted by acidic at 3:17 PM on October 31, 2012

Response by poster: Wow, thank you acidic -- unbelievably (or not) I spent hours researching Amazon's site, their Kindle section AND on the phone with various reps and nowhere, no one, offered this info re Kindle Singles. Even after explaining in detail to them what I wanted to accomplish.

They've got to get their client support sh_t together.
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I'm surprised that anyone has not heard of Kindle Singles by now. It may be one of the more revolutionary ideas Amazon has had.
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zenpop, they've published less than 300 Kindle Singles, most of them from rather well-known names, so it's possible they're not in the habit of soliciting random submissions over customer service.
posted by acidic at 6:54 AM on November 1, 2012

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