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Are there any reactive music apps for Android?

I was always jealous of the RjDj app for the iPhone, and I'm looking if there is anything similar for android phones. An extensive search hasn't yielded anything, but I figure I could easily be looking for the wrong terms. It's worth noting that I'm looking for something passive (or reactive) like RjDj, not something explicitly interactive.

Any ideas? I remember RjDj blowing minds when it came out, and I'm shocked there aren't more imitators. Thanks in advance!
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Unfortunately while pd (the engine that runs RjDj) has been ported to Android, versions of the OS prior to 4.1 have terrible input latency (>100ms). This means developers haven't made many real-time apps that use the mic (see also: real time guitar effects). Hopefully this will change as more recent versions of Android become more prevalent.
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Good to know. Thanks for the explanation. For anyone down the road finding this, pd is Pure Data.
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