Walt Disney Playlist?
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Our family spent a week in September at Walt Disney World (Florida), staying at Pop Century, visiting three of the parks. How can I find the soundtrack to the holiday?

I'm looking for the playlist of songs we would've heard in the parks: a track-listing of songs that were on rapid rotation while we were there.

Not particularly after the quintessential Disney songs (theme tunes, movie , "Small World"), but the more-or-less contemporary music that played in the resorts. There was enough repetition to believe there's a limited number of songs on repeat.

As an example, at Typhoon Lagoon there are some brilliant retro surf tunes and instrumental surf tracks creating the chilled atmosphere. At Pop Century, every evening there was a dance party that had 4 or 5 songs that the poor crew members danced alone to.

I've asked this question on two Disney discussion boards and tried via WDW webform enquiry twice - once, I was put through to merchandising services who said "no such thing exists".

I'm not sure where else to ask. Might have to find a helpful staff member at the relevant resort... or check royalty payments for broadcasting the music. No idea where to start.
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I'll be there in a few weeks, so if you don't yet have an answer I'll let you know if I see this sort of thing.
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Call Disney World and ask them. The folks at Disney Parks will bend over backwards to help you make the most of your Magical Vacation.
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If the folks at WDW can't help, one place to ask about finding this music might be the forums at Subsonic Radio. If there is a piece of Disney sound out there, they've found it. They might be able to point you to some titles to search for on Amazon or eBay.
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Disboards. The answer is always Disboards.
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Disney Parks' response (given their awesome backwards-bendability-to-help while we were there) was a little meh:

While we sincerely appreciate your interest, CDs and playlists containing the compilations of our various Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Park background music selections are not currently offered. We apologize that this response is not a more favorable one. We hope you understand. We wish you and your family a magical day and look forward to entertaining you in the future.

For once, the answer wasn't Disboards.

Subsonic Radio looks to be It. Thank you very much!
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