Dr. Whooooo, hey! And other songs for a Dr. Who themed birthday party
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Help me compose the perfect playlist for a five year old's Dr. Who themed birthday party!

So far, I'm starting with Timelords - Doctorin' the TARDIS, have some Kraftwerk, Flaming Lips, TMBG, and David Bowie for the middle, and plan to end things with Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me. I need some more songs about space, time, robots, technobabble, etc. Goofy and lighthearted songs about adventure! and hijinks! would also be great.

The only restriction is that lyrics must be kind of sort of appropriate for small children.
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Pink Floyd-Welcome to the Machine
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For what it's worth, Radiohead's Up on the Ladder contains the following refrain:

I'm stuck in the Tardis / Trapped in hyperspace /
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Best answer: NASA actually posted a list of songs about space, and includes a Sesame Street song on there ("I Don't Want To Live On The Moon").

They also mention a B-52s song, but I'd pick two different ones from the one they picked - I'd go with Planet Claire and Is That You, Mo-Dean?
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"Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" by Klaatu
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Ooh, and the lyrics to "Is That You, Mo-Dean" sound kind of like a trip on the TARDIS, even -
Movin' through the spheres, faster than light
On our way to some planets that were outta sight
We said space driver, give it a spin
And take us to some places we ain't never been
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I suppose the adults might enjoy a little Huey Lewis - The Power of Love. That's about a degree removed from being ABOUT time travel, but certainly evokes the images of Marty McFly's be-vested hijinks for many. Kind of meta.

How about the Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

God I'm old.
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Oh, definitely the Time Warp! Little kids would love that, I bet.
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Best answer: both of chameleon circuit's albums are all about dr who
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Best answer: Orbital is probably your go to modern Dr. Who Theme band.

I might add "Sidekick" from The Asylum Street Spankers Mommy Says No! album (best kids album ever, btw).

If you like old-school Dr. Who theme music, my friend Karin had a great series of posts on Delia Derbyshire.

I'd stay away from The Clash's Remote Control, but only because 5 is a bit young to have one's mind ripped open.

If I wanted classic Rock, I might add Styx's Come Sail Away, but it's a bit long for the space-payoff.

HTH, or at least doesn't hurt. Good luck!
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Once on the Muppet Show, they covered "Cuanto le Gusta" which is all about the joy of going somewhere new. It's an Andrew Sisters or Carmen Miranda song.
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If you have time/money, you can get the tv series soundtrack. You really need the tardis sound at least - off youtube clips, if nothing else.
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The Police-Walking on the Moon.

Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon.

I hope my leg don't break, walking on the moon...
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Double-nthing anything by Chameleon Circuit -- it's lyrics are clever about Doctor Who and I'm pretty sure all age appropriate.
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Purple People Eater!
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Dan Mangan - Robots Need Love, Too
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Best answer: 500 Miles! (SLTADWC&CLSVCWDO*)

*single link totally awesome Doctor Who cast and crew lip-synch video, complete with Dancing Ood)
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Oooo, ooo! When I was his age I loved The Trucker and the UFO!

Tangerine Dream has some great instrumental space music -- Mars Polaris and Mars Mission Counter.

Brian Eno, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks

And Manheim Steamroller, Fresh Aire V (inspired by Johannes Kepler's Somnium) -- that's one of my long-time favorites.
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Doctor Doctor by The Thompson Twins.

Spaceman by Babylon Zoo is somewhat bland with a ridiculously catchy chorus/vocal sample.
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Chameleon Circuit?

I haven't listened to many of their songs so I can't promise they're all child-friendly, but the ones I've heard have been.
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I'd say if you're going to do Huey Lewis (and you totally should!) then go for the OTHER one from Back to the Future, namely Back in Time. Here's the first few lines:
Tell me, doctor, where are we going this time?
Is this the 50's, or 1999?
All I wanted to do - was play my guitar and sing.

So take me away, I don't mind.
But you'd better promise me, I'll be back in time.
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Best answer: You've got David Bowie, but do you have Major Tom's last outing, Peter Schilling's "Major Tom (Coming Home?)"?

Symphony of Science (autotuned excerpts of the great pop-science heroes: Sagan, Hawking, Dawkins, etc. set to the creator's original music)

Elton John: Rocket Man? ("Cold as hell" is in there, which is a word not everyone's going to be cool with)

Cracker: Low (except maybe not, if you don't want a bunch of kids asking you what a Junkie astronaut is-- this goes ditto for its probable referent, which is Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes.")

Pinataland has two appropriate songs: "Velocity" and "The Settlers," from "Songs for a Forgotten Future," Volumes 1 and 2 respectively. Links go to the band page where you can listen in their entirety and buy the whole album, but Amazon.com has each album in mp3 format so you can buy just the two if you don't the band as awesome as I do. "Velocity" is about a reluctant astronaut nearing re-entry, but wanders a little. More on point, "The Settlers" is about the colonization of Mars, from the first rocket, to the new frontier, to the expansion of humans, then human cities, and ultimately a transformed and terraformed planet. Yes, all in one song-- if you only choose one of these, go with this one. Musical style is potentially unique-- chamber-music instruments performing pop music.
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Seconding anything by Delia Derbyshire. Her stuff is appropriately spacey, synth-y, atmospheric. And generally instrumental, so no concerns about lyrics. Also, there's "BBC Radiophonic Workshop" by the Magnetic fields!
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Fly me to the moon. Covered by just about everyone.
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Best answer: The Rogue Traders' "Voodoo Child" was actually in an episode of Doctor Who, and relevant to the plot, and is fun and high-energy.

My first MeFi Mix Disc swap CD was sci-fi-themed. Here are the songs from it that are both relevant to Doctor Who and kid-friendly:

Information Society - Are 'Friends' Electric?
Barcelona - Replicant
Seu Jorge - Starman (Portuguese cover of the David Bowie song)
The Killers - Spaceman
Ash - Girl from Mars
The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light-Years from Home
Tuscadero - Doctor Doom
Neil Norman and His Cosmic Orchestra - Theme from Buckaroo Banzai (Neil Norman has entire albums of orchestral sci-fi themes)


Barcelona - Robot Trouble
Smashing Pumpkins - Spaceboy
The Red Dwarf theme
The B-52s - There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon) and/or Planet Claire
Styx - Mr. Roboto

Ha! And David Bowie's "I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship" JUST NOW came up on my music player.
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I like cortex's cover of the Doctor Who theme, mashed up with a couple of other songs.
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