Dayton International to Cincinnati?
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What's the cheapest way to get from Dayton International Airport to downtown Cincinnati?

Asking for a friend, whose flight arrives mid-afternoon. Renting a car is not an option.
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The Dayton RTA bus map doesn't show service to the airport itself, but RTA buses do service West National Road just outside the airport complex; nearest bus stop (at Helke Rd and W. National Rd) is about two miles from the terminal (a long walk or a short cab ride). The Dayton RTA Trip Planner indicates that, on a weekday late afternoon, you should be able to catch the #17 bus to York Commons, and transfer to the #34 bus to the Greyhound Depot at 2705 Shiloh Springs Rd, a $2 trip. Greyhound seems to offer a 7:20 pm bus to Cincinnati (at least some days), for $13 and up (cheapest if you reserve on the web).

Caveats: I haven't been to Dayton in a long while, and I've never tried riding the bus there. I'll defer to any current locals for a more experience-based answer. Please use the links above to confirm bus schedules for your planned travel date/time.
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Correction to the above: looking at the #17 bus route a little more carefully, it looks like the nearest late-afternoon bus stop may be at N. Dixie Rd and W. National Rd, making the distance from the terminal more like 3 miles. And the access road leading away from the terminal looks completely unsafe for pedestrians (no sidewalk), so a cab ride ($3.75 + $2/mile) to the bus stop may be necessary.
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Greyhound to Cincinnati seems like a good bet. But public transit to the Greyhound station? I don't know. Dayton's not very transit-oriented. If they meant for people to take it to the airport, you'd think they'd have a route that GOES to the airport.

I'd suggest just taking a cab to the Greyhound station (which is actually quite nice, by the way). I have no idea what cab fare would cost, but I do believe you'll actually get there.
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Good point -- the 3-mile cab ride to the bus stop is already a ~$10 fare. It's only a 9-mile cab ride to the Greyhound station (~$22 fare). Going via public transit adds at least an hour and saves only about $10.
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