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Slightly NSFW lyrics question below.

Both "Chopsticks" by Liz Phair and "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang feature the idea of having "doggy style" intercourse in order to allow watching television while have sex.

Are there any other songs that reference this?
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Perhaps not exactly what you're looking for, but Ice Cube's "You Can't Fade Me" features a line about propping up a paperback on a portly woman's posterior to presumably read during doggy style intercourse.
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Here's your utterly obscure but spot-on answer: "Girl Bend Over (I Can't See My T.V.)" by Dutch punk band Heatfarm.
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Googling for "'TV' 'doggy style' 'lyrics'" turns up several obscure instances of this motif in works by Red Peters, Knuckle Sandwich, Lil' Rob, and probably more.
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