I want to have this video forever!
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How can I save the LA Times' time-lapse video of space shuttle Endeavour's journey across LA for posterity (on my own computer)? It's really beautiful, but I'm afraid they'll take it off the LA Times website at some point. I'd like to save it for personal viewing later. I don't know much about these sorts of things (flask, etc.). I have an older Mac and no video capture card. Is this even possible? (Nevermind whether it's legal). Thanks all! Answer in the hypothetical if you prefer. ;-) Awesome shuttle video
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Try Gimmee bar - https://gimmebar.com/
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Mefi me your email and we Will make it so
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Problem solved, I think . . . I love metafilter. :-)
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so why not share the answer???
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Here ya go:
Direct Link To Video File (Right click, save/download)
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