This sound is coming like a ghost sound.
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What do the cool dead kids listen to? I'm looking for vintage spooky pop with a particular flavor: that sparse, echo-y Day-O/Ghost Town mournful message from beyond-the-grave sound. With a beat.

Additional details: Dead Man's Party is too lively, Portishead is too modern. The answer may be dub or fado, but I don't really know those genres, so specific tracks would be much appreciated.
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Look up 'witch house'
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If you can still find it, this is one of the better Halloween-flavored mashups I've heard in years.
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Look up 'witch house'

Second. Pitchfork (yeah I know) has a good primer on witch house with a sample of tracks.
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I've always found "I Am Stretched on Your Grave" a bit spooky. Sinead. Dead Can Dance. Kate Rusby. Background and a list of more versions.
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Sparklehorse. Moody, spooky, sad, pop. And a sad story to go with it. Recommended tracks? It's a Wonderful Life is a good place to start.
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Response by poster: "I Am Stretched on Your Grave" is great — minimalist, atmospheric, timeless.
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Ah, found it. Minimal, long play, truly awesome.
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Best answer: I think a lot of 1970s Ethiopian jazz-pop has the sound you're looking for. Check out some Mulatu Astatke.
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Somewhat on the modern side: Tricky- Black Coffee
Country: Tarnation- Game of Broken Hearts
Slightly darker country: $100- Fourteen Hour Day
Traditional: Roscoe Holcomb & Wade Ward- Moonshiner
Even more traditional: Shirley Collins- Lady Margaret & Sweet William
Freaky traditional: Sacred Harp Singers at Liberty Church- Idumea
Apocalyptic: Akira Original Soundtrack- Winds Over Neo-Tokyo and Tetsuo
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Two maybes from the 1950s:

The Revels: Dead Man's Stroll
Lee Ross: The Mummy's Bracelet
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I wonder whether this take on "Oh Death" would work. It's got "sparse" and "mournful" covered, and it's got a shouting vocal style just a few degrees of separation from Belafonte's. (Sadly, though, none of that lovely old-fashioned proto-dub-ish reverb.)

If it's really that production style you're looking for, you might dig around and see if the Black Keys have done something that fits the bill. I don't know their stuff all that well, but they're big retro gearheads and if anyone had ever been like "We need the vocal track here to be produced just like the one on Day-O," I'm guessing it would be them.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys. These are amazing finds. In general, the pre-1990s tracks are working better for me. (ZOMG Mulatu Astatke)
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I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend Bauhaus, though not all their work (since they were often a rock band too). "Crackle" is a pretty good mix, especially for a hits album, but if you're just looking for songs "Hollow Hills", "Silent Hedges", "Double Dare" or of course "Bela Lugosi's Dead" are all pretty dub-influenced.
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Also, this might be a real long shot, but I wonder whether Neko Case might work. Sounds sorta like if the mournful ghost of Patsy Cline came back and started living in the woods behind your house.

I linked to an earlier song of hers, but the whole Fox Confessor album (unfortunately hard to find my favorite songs from it on Youtube) seems especially appropriate.
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The great Lee Perry / Glen Adams / Bob Marley collaboration "Mr. Brown" also comes to mind - spare, spooky, and reverb-drenched (but maybe a bit too lively).
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Try Black Heart Procession. The first three albums are fantastic.
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Oh yes- Neko Case for sure. I Wish I Was The Moon is a personal favorite.
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16 answers in and no Dead Man's Bones? Bonus points for elaborate music videos often featuring creepy things.
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Sally Go 'Round the Roses?
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Those Poor Bastards: bleak, doomed, catchy and outright evil country.

Crooked Man
Black Lightning
Black Dog Yodel (w. Hank the Third)
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Best answer: "I'm Shakin'" - Little Willie John
"She Made My Blood Run Cold" - Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm
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Swamp ghosts: Robbie Robertson's "Somewhere Down the Crazy River."
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Best answer: OK, this is a very idiosyncratic assortment, but I get the feeling we might be on a similar page. Here's some stuff that sounds to me like it's being broadcast from The Other Side:

Santo & Johnny, Sleepwalk

Comedian Harmonists, Creole Love Call

20th Century Steel Band, Heaven and Hell is On Earth

Yabancilar, Agit

Xavier Cugat, Perfidia

Blind Mamie Forehand, Honey in the Rock

Timmy Thomas, Funky Me
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empath is on the right track with the witch house genre! (tri-angle records (i lurrrve this label) is known for this kind of sound.) here are some tracks that might work for you:

holy other - touch
holy other - we over
oOoOO - sedsumting
salem - frost
salem - king night
planningtorock - doorway
fever ray - keep the streets empty for me
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Best answer: If you like Mulatu Astatke, you should grab Ethiopiques 4, the album that brought him into most people's consciousness. You'll probably like Mahmoud Ahmed too
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Response by poster: The playlist so far. (requires Spotify)

We're at six hours. If I didn't include your suggestion, it wasn't in Spotify's library. I'll add tracks as they come in. A big thank you to everyone.
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Colorproof beat me to it with those suggestions! whenever I listen to Salem I think of creepy ghouls.

This cover of a Britney song by them could also be good?
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It's not quite what you're looking for but I just can't resist: if you want some straight up witch music, check out Spires That in the Sunset Rise. The album Four Winds the Walker is the one I'm familiar with and can recommend. Great for playing on the stereo by the front door when kids come for candy.
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