Learning more about China - where do I start?
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Can you recommend me podcasts, books, TV documentaries, articles or journals (in English) where I could learn more about China, such as Chinese politics, history, culture and other important things?
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On a day to day basis - The Sinocism China Newsletter is the best way to keep up with chinese news and politics.
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Depends what you consider important, but I found Wild China an incredible insight into the wildlife and habitats of the country - highly recommended.
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The answers to this AskMe has links to some Teaching Company lectures. They are pretty expensive to buy, but a lot of libraries have them, so you can get them via interlibrary loan without too much problem.
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Before traveling to China a number of years ago, I read, "Red Star Over China" by Edgar Snow. I thought it was fascinating given his perspective on Mao and what we know about how that whole chapter in their history turned out. The Chinese people I spoke with were surprised and appreciative of how much I knew of their history. It was embarassing and humbling for me to realize when I got there how much more they knew of my history and culture than I knew of theirs so I applaud your plans.
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I listen to The Chinese History Podcast through iTunes. Pretty great history show. Also, there's a pretty badass documentary on Chinese cuisine here.
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I think you might take a look at "scar literature". and Mao: The Unknown Story, and Snow's later work, The Other Side of the River. There's a fair amount of controversy about Snow and Mao.
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From BBC radio 4: China: As History is My Witness
"Carrie Gracie presents a series exploring what ten great lives from Chinese history reveal about China today." The episodes are only 15 minutes long but I've found them pretty interesting.
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Is Chinese food at all interesting? I found Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper, by Fuchsia Dunlop, absolutely fascinating; she's an Englishwoman who trained as a chef in China, and the book's a view of China and its cuisines through that lens.
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