Help me find a book.
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I'm looking for a good book on Japanese points of view on WWII. NPR keeps bringing it up, and I'd like to broaden my knowledge. Any tips?
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If you're interested in a discussion on the effects of post WWII on Japan, I heard a fascinating program on NPR's Talk of the Nation called "After Nagasaki: Examining the Cultural Fallout". May not be specifically what you're looking for, but the discussion was riveting (discussed the rise of Godzilla, manga, Hello Kitty, etc., in Japanese culture in the wake of the scars of the atomic bomb) and may lead you to other sources.
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Best answer: War Without Mercy by John Dower is a classic. He examines the way that Japanese and American racial ideas influenced their war fighting strategies and practices. Example 1: The Japanese believed that Americans were fat, undisciplined, and slovenly, and would not be able to effectively use submarine warfare because of the close cooperation and close quarters involved. Result: Japan was unprepared to respond when American subs wreaked havoc on Japanese supply lines. Example 2: American war planners "knew" that the Japanese could not be effective pilots, because of their weak eyesight (think of all those cartoons of Japanese with thick glasses), poor balance, and lack of individual initiative. Result: Pearl Harbor.
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Embracing Defeat, by John Dower is also very good, and won the Pulitzer. One of the best historical books I've ever read, I think.
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Japan At War: An Oral History by Haruko and Theodore Cook.
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It may be overly specific for your needs, but Hiromichi Yahara's "The Battle for Okinawa" is a firsthand account by a high-ranking Japanese officer. It covers preparations for the battle, events during the conflict and the immediate fallout. I found it very interesting to see attitudes about Americans, Japanese and Okinawans from his perspective.
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Other than the Yahara book, it sounds like all these suggestions are a Western perspective of Japan in WW2, right? Is the original question looking for Japanese books which, I'd assume, try to "dumb down" some of WW2 as seems to be constantly reported by our media, and claimed by the Chinese?
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Oh, sorry, I misunderstood the question, taking it to ask what the Japanese thought at the time of the war. My bad.
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Response by poster: LarryC has it, I'm looking for a Not-American take on the war, specifically Japanese
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