Movable Type plugins?
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I'm starting to plan a new Movable Type project, and I'd like to know: What are your favorite plugins?

This new project will be using MT, but will not be a blog. I'll be trying to push MT a little, so I'd like to know what plugins you've found useful in the past, or you think would be useful for a content-heavy site.

I know the pagination plugin is going to be helpful to me, and dirify plus is likely to come in handy, but I want more. I need to break boundaries and expand the abilities of the editors. I have lots of ideas, but I don't want to miss anything.

(BTW: Please don't try to sell me on Wordpress - I love it and use it, but MT has features that are deal-breakers for my project.)
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both the ones you already mentioned, plus there's one that lets you do conditionals, which i've found very useful. Also, there's another that lets you "hack in" custom fields which are handy. Basically, all of Brad Choate's stuff for MT is the bizzomb.

i'll resist selling you on wordpress, but I'll say this -- i just built someone a site using MT, and I wish to god I hadn't, because all the features he ended up wanting made the whole thing a little hacked together and easy to break, if, say, you changed a category name or something (most of the features would be something much easier done in WP, Drupal, or something like that). Of course, straight-up stock MT works pretty good.
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MTException lets you get around a lot of stupid fatal errors in templates.
SCode has completely eliminated spam on my blog overnight.
MTKeywordVariable is pretty dang handy, too.

Those are some of my favorites, but it takes a village (of plugins) to make my blog.
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Markdown and SmartyPants

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I like Archive Date Header (does what it says, but doesn't work with dynamic archives), Parent Category Rebuild (if you're using subcategories), and SmartyPants (for smart quotation marks). For pagination with dynamic templates, check out this Smarty solution.
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MT has features that are deal-breakers for my project

Purely to satisfy my curiosity, what might these be? :)

BTW, that SCode thing (if you manage to hack all the templates correctly) works wonders to block comment spam.
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Response by poster: Purely to satisfy my curiosity, what might these be? :)

Multiple blogs and formal (as in Six Apart-provided) support.
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