I'm looking for blogs where people suffering from illnesses share their experience.
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Where can I find personal blogs from people suffering from illnesses?

I used to read a lot of blogs written by people suffering from COPD, MS, schizophrenia, cancer and things along those lines. I had them all saved to my old computer under "favorites," and now that I'm trying to re-find them I'm not coming up with anything. I don't know if my google-fu is failing or what but all I can find is articles about people suffering from said illnesses and forum posts. I'm looking for something written by the sufferer or a close friend/family members about their personal day-to-day experience. I seem to remember a website that had a list of these blogs but I can't find that now. Any help? Thank you!
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Here are some:
Aging and Parkinsons and Me
Same Time Tomorrow (brain cancer; author passed away)
Momo Blog (breast cancer)
Yin and Yang (schizophrenia)
Wheelchair Kamikaze (MS)
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It feels a little weird to suggest my own blog, but I write about living with recurrent ovarian cancer and associated anxiety at Second Verse.
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The remarkable blog featured in this FPP seems to have moved to here.
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Mefi's own jocelmeow writes about her life with severe ME/CFS here
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TheBody.com plays host to a slew of blogs by people living with HIV.
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The blogroll from the now (unfortunately) defunct FWD/Feminists with Disabilities blog has a number of awesome blogs listed.
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Name the illness. Google or Bing "illness" + "forums".
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Actually, on Google, if you enter the illness in the search box and then choose "Blogs" on the left menu (you may need first click "More"), that might help.
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I'm a little late to the party
A professional wheelchair dancer blogs at : Wheelchair dancer/


a woman who lost her hearing later in life (severely hard of hearing) blogs at the Angry Hard of Hearing woman
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I'll throw my own blog into the right Fibromyalgia Day by Day. It's a bit less than day by day because for the last 4.5 month fibro has been kicking my ass.
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