What are your suggestions for blogs appropriate for 6th graders.
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Asking for my 6th grade teaching sister-in-law. She's teaching her kids about "blogs" and is having a hard time finding blogs that would be appropriate for that age group... suggestions?
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Never Seconds!
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One of my favorite cooking blogs, Use Real Butter, features some pretty incredible photography—both of food and of other things—that I'd think may appeal to that age group.

(I have no personal connection to, and have never spoken with the author.)
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Lego Blog!!
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"Rock, Paper, Shotgun" is a blog about computer gaming. If your 6th graders are normal, that's a subject they'll find very interesting.

You'd need to check it out yourself to decide if it's appropriate, of course.
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Best answer: "The Kids Should See This"
...although it is not a typically formatted blog.

Alternatively many cooking blogs would be appropriate, such as cannelle et vanille.

There are many family-safe design blogs out there. Oh Happy Day is very cute and the blogger is Mormon so it is very clean. I don't think she ever talks about her religion, if that is a concern.

Lastly, Made By Joel is by a dad who makes toys for his kids from all kinds of cool, every day material. 6th graders would dig it, I think.
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Best answer: This blog (from a FPP) about a kid's sweet skeleton collection, might be good.
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Response by poster: Here's the links for "the kids should see this", "made by joel", "oh happy day" and "cannelle et vanille". (thanks teamnap).
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My 10 year old friend Quinn writes a really interesting blog.
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Fed Up with Lunch

Don't Eat the Paste (disclaimer: this is an internet friend of mine)
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Best answer: I think that "Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories" is a really cool blog, especially if any of your kids are nerds.

They're the folks who created CandyFab, a home made 3D printer which uses granulated sugar as its medium.
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Best answer: Futility Closet, for the brainier types.
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Best answer: The Smithsonian Magazine runs a number of nice blogs with fascinating posts on all different subjects.
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the Hymen Club mention and the imagery contained in the buried alive story at Futility Closet could get someone in trouble, perhaps.
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Best answer: Trying to cover more 12-year-old-friendly blogs...

ESPN's NFL Nation -- there are sports blogs...
Project: Rooftop -- there are comic book fashion blogs
White House Blog -- political blogs
NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day -- astronomy photo blogs
MTV's Buzzworthy blog -- music (or whatever MTV is these days! (get off my lawn!)) blogs
The Hobbit (Movie) Blog -- movie blogs

You name it, there's probably a blog of it. That's probably a rule of the internet. Don't google "rules of the internet" kids. You'll go blind...
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maybe suggest they make their own class blog, with one student contributing every week as extra credit or something? their parents and friends would probably love to comment
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Young House Love, a family home design blog.
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Best answer: Pusheen the Cat is a guilty pleasure here with that age group.
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Best answer: I love Science Bob. He's awesome and his blog is filled with fun science.
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A lot of TV shows have "official" blogs, which are run past the networks and therefore pretty clean and appropriate. iCarly has some kind of blog feature, here's Once Upon a Time. (I don't have kids that age, I'm just picking shows they may possibly watching.) CW and ABC Family both do a lot with blogs. CTV sometimes has official show bloggers to interact with fans on an ongoing basis, especially with their family shows like Heartland.
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The New York Times has a blog for students and educators called "The Learning Network."
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