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Can someone help me find the Roman Holiday screenplay?

I'm in search of the actual screenplay for the Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck movie Roman Holiday (and not a transcription from Drew's Script-o-Rama) and so far I only have one solid lead...

Screenplay From Japanese Publisher via eBay

Can someone can find this book, but cheaper (though eventually I might just have to bite the bullet) or another way of attaining the script or a more legitimate published transcription?
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Are you looking for a printed copy or do you just want to reference the script? I found a script online here.
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Response by poster: That's the transcription I mentioned which is unofficial.

I do own an official Bringing Up Baby transcription which references the original screenplay so it doesn't necessarily need to be Trumbo's original text.

And it doesn't need to be printed though I imagine that's the best way to find something legitimate.
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Best answer: If you ever visit LA...and you simply want to read it...they might have it at the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy.
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They do have it.
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Best answer: ScriptFly has it for $25. Worth calling them to find out which version. Often scriptsellers will have multiple versions of a script and they don't seem to offer any details on this one.
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