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Is the screenplay for Diablo Cody's "Juno" online anywhere (other than the official Fox Searchlight site)?

When "Juno" was just "the little movie that could", the screenplay was online on the Fox Searchlight website (previously discussed on MeFi in this thread). But now it's gone, probably taken down to keep it exclusive so they could sell more copies of it. Okay, fine. But I was gonna use a couple scenes for a class this week, and I don't have time to wait for the bound version to come in the mail-- so anyone know where I can find it online? (Or anyone have a saved copy they'd shoot me, mefi-mail-stylez?)

PS, I'm gonna buy this script at some point so I'm not stealing precious bucks from the mouths of the artist & studio, just borrowing.

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posted by sharkfu at 8:29 PM on March 5, 2008

If you'd rather have the actual PDF, I downloaded a copy - shoot me a message.
posted by captainawesome at 9:27 PM on March 5, 2008

Response by poster: I got one via mefi mail- thanks, folks! I love the hive.
posted by pseudostrabismus at 5:43 PM on March 7, 2008

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