Haircut needed asap!
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I'm starting to look like a shaggy dog!!!! Need recommendations for a hairdresser in Toronto!

I have yet to find a hairdresser in Toronto. I am going away for three weeks very soon and want to get my hair under control before then. I've tried a few random places, but nothing I've loved, hoping to find someone I will want to keep going back to!

Two things:
1) Preferably the haridresser would be near Yonge/Eg or somewhere on the Yonge subway line
2) Not crazy expensive (Prefer closer to 40/50, not over 80)

If it helps, I am female and mid-twenties.

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I would recommend the Aveda Institute.
Whether you go with one of the students(who are well supervised and need to consult with an educator before doing anything) or an educator, they take the time to discuss what you want and the price is right!
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Beardwoman and I have had fairly good results with Aveda. It's about $30. The good cuts have been ones where we were really outspoken about what we did and didn't want. The so-so cuts have been ones where we didn't speak up, or got shy about insisting that they fix one more thing. So as long as you're prepared to really talk it out, I say go for it.
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My sister and I both got great cuts from Danika at Salon Escape at Bay & Bloor. Really friendly and knowledgeable -- and it's the first time any stylist has ever listened to me when I say "I am not going to blowdry, straighten, or even consistently wash this. I want it to look OK anyway".
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I just got my hair done here:
at yonge and davisville. It was $60 after tax before tip. Kind of pricy, but am really happy with it, given i haven't had a haircut in 6 months and needed a new hairdresser.

There's tons in the area that are a bit cheaper, but i figured that place has been there forever , so its probably pretty good.
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