How long is the line for The Colbert Report?
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When should we show up for a taping of The Colbert Report?

We have tickets to today's show. The email confirmation says: "We recommend you get on line no later than 15 minutes prior to 6:00pm. We recommend you get on line no later than 15 minutes prior to 6:00pm. Your guests may meet you on line until 6:00pm. Past 6:00pm no one will be allowed to join the line. All shows are overbooked to ensure capacity and no one is guaranteed entry."

It is raining here today so I don't want to show up too early but I would like to maximize our chances of getting in. If the show is overbooked I would imagine people must show up early, especially since it took a really long time to get the tickets.

Also, any memorable places to eat or get a drink close by?
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There's a really good/detailed answer at Quora about what to expect when you go to a taping, he says he showed up way too early & ended up coming back at 5:15.
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I highly recommend Kashkaval which is on 9th between 55th and 56th. They have a wide range of Mediterranean dips (sampler platter is 4 dips for $12 - get the walnut red pepper spread) and cheese and chocolate fondue. They also have wine. Not sure about cocktails, though.
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