How to schedule a phone call?
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Phone Call Scheduler: How can I schedule a phone call to automatically call me every morning?

I have a call I need to make every morning. I would like to set it so my phone rings at the same time everyday and dials the number I need to call when I pick up.

I use google voice, but any search regarding scheduling google voice calls seem to be out of date.
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If you're on a Mac, you can do it with - which is a web-automation app. The only trick was that you need to tell it what phone number to call you on the first time (or prior to running it), and that it should remember it, as Fake doesn't seem to be able to populate the drop-down for it.

Set up the Fake workflow and then schedule it with Calendar.

Not much help for the Windows side, though.
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There's an IFTTT recipe that will call you every day at the time you want, but I have no idea how to automate that outgoing call so it'd be from your phone. But maybe you can find a way to do that pairing IFTTT and Google Voice.

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Sign up with Twilio (calls are charged per minute) or Tropo (calls are free for dev accounts) and follow their instructions to build an app that calls your phone and then conferences in the number you want to actually call. Use something like that IFTTT recipe to automatically hit the app's link at the time you want, and you should be all set.

I'm leaving "app building" with Tropo/Twilio as an exercise to the reader because both sites have pretty good documentation, but if you need help I can post more instructions for whichever site you want to run with.
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You have a call you need to make every morning, or you want to be called every morning?

If the latter, try WakeMyself or Wake Up Dialer.
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I want my phone to ring at a certain time everyday, and when I pick the phone up, I want the phone to call another number.
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If anything can do it, Tasker (Android) can.
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