Looking for audio from a talk show's musical guest performance.
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Do you know where I can obtain a recording of Wilco's performance of "Laminated Cat (Not for the Season)" on the July 26th taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

The deets: Wilco was on Jimmy Fallon. They performed the song Art of Anything on the show, and then performed a Web-only(?) encore of Laminated Cat, aka Not for the Season. Which I need. However, my google fu has completely failed me. I've looked on video sites, torrents (originally created for bootlegging, for crying out loud!), forums, fansites; I've even done a little digging on some Russian sites, which oddly enough occasionally have an obscure piece of music when I can't find it anywhere else.

This was hosted on Late Night's website for about a week, but is now gone. I just want the audio. This is a pretty rare song, and to the best of my knowledge has not been captured live with a full band up to this point. And it rules.

Please don't misunderstand me: I'm happy (overjoyed) to pay for it if that's an option. I just want this version of this song!

So, does anyone know of a way for me to get the audio from this crazy, once-in-a-who-knows performance? Thank you so much!
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Are you only looking for that particular version? Because they've been playing it live quite a bit recently. There's a streaming version from New York in July on their website here, and a list of all the times they've played it here - you should be able to get torrents of those shows fairly easily (try Via Chicago - you'll need to register. Wilco don't mind people taping their shows, if that bothers you...).

[Aside: I once got into an argument with Jeff over the title of that song. He told me off on stage for requesting it as Not For The Season instead of Laminated Cat....]
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I can't help you with that particular recording, but Wilco has played Laminated Cat several times. Wilcobase has a full listing of when it's been played.

I'll point out in particular (because I attended) the Dec 18th 2011 show at Lincoln Hall, which I found a site hosting a recording of.
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Hey, thanks for the responses!

Yes, I am looking for that particular recording, of Laminated Cat from the 7/26 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Thank you for mentioning places to get other recordings, but unfortunately they are not an answer to my question.
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Rumor has it that searching for "Wilco Jimmy Fallon" on certain BT sites will yield the result you desire...
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Whoops! Not resolved.

Scoured the internet, even registered for fan forums. Not only did I not find anything, the last of similar interest in my mission was very surprising.

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