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My family has an ongoing joke about finding the Christmas spider. Help me find songs that mention spiders!

The joke started to help my sister react more calmly when finding a spider in the newly cut Christmas tree - oh, don't worry, it's just the Christmas Spider! She's still afraid of spiders, but has taken well to a couple cutesy spider presents I've given her over the years. This year I'd like to make her a mixed CD of songs that have spiders in the lyrics. Doesn't have to be much of a reference - got the idea from one mention of spiders in a Neko Case song, Fever.

Not looking for scary Halloweeny creepy crawlies or too-cute itsy bitsy spiders. Ideally she'll listen to most of the CD before she notices what connects the songs.
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The Who's Boris the Spider.
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Spider - They Might Be Giants
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Ani Difranco's Deep Dish
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Lullaby by The Cure.
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Knuckles by The Hold Steady
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Any of the various Spider-Man Themes. Tenacious D does a good one. As do The Ramones.

Varuca Salt has a good takeon it too, but it's not exactly the theme song.

And of course there's always No Doubt's Spiderwebs.
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Wilco's "Spiders"
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Ziggy Stardust
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Jewel's "Sammy the Spider"
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Spider Cider by Man Man.
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Spiders - The Vapors
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Joanna Newsom's "Have One On Me"
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How about searching a Lyrics website?
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I love that book!!!

Not a song, I know, but maybe it could go with the CD?
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Jim Stafford - Spiders and Snakes
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Alkaline Trio's "Tuck Me In" mentions spiders, but, uh, it's also horrifying.

Also, the Spider-Man theme would work well on a mix.
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Daddy Long Legs - Peter Skellern
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Did you know there is a Ukrainian legend of the Christmas Spider? I have two sparkly spiderwebs and a spider ornament from a Ukrainian Church sale on my tree.
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Martin Charnin's "Fly," from Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music.
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"Story from North America" by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore
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They Might Be Giants: "Spider" and "Spiderman Theme."
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Devendra Banhart - Little Yellow Spider
Brian Eno - Spider and I
Will Oldham/Palace Music - The Spider's Dude is Often There
Ron Hunt - Spiderap
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MonkeyToes' a-capella Spiderman Theme, above, is not They Might Be Giants, but from the not dissimilar Canadian band "Moxy Fruvous."

Also, Spider Crawling by Oingo Boingo (written by band frontman Danny Elfman)
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OK, songs with spiders in the lyrics but not the title, so you can be sneakier about it:

"Coming Around Again," Carly Simon (I know you said no cute itsy bitsy spiders but I always thought this one was so pretty)

"Dune Buggy," The Presidents of the United States of America

"Trouble," Coldplay

"Superhumans," Flaming Lips

"Man in the Middle," Abba

"On Fire," Eminem

"Electric Heart," Devendra Banhart

(Believe it or not, the last two have tiny mentions of Christmas also!)

All available on Amazon mp3. As always, shouts to the BEST lyrics search engine, (believe me, there's more).
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So many great suggestions! Currently thinking to go with 2 mixed CDs, one of obvious spiders, one more subtle. Also the book - thanks JuliaIglesias! Marking all the answers as best, as I'm sure to use most if not all the suggestions. You guys are great!
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