Where do they compile a list of interesting outlets?
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Is there a web resource I don't know about for finding one-off or few-off outlet stores?

After reading that Zappos has an outlet store, and personally visiting the Garnet Hill outlet, I've been searching for a comprehensive list of "not really outlet mall" outlets. I can find lists of outlet malls, of course, but there are Gap and Kate Spade outlets everywhere - I'm hunting more for "I'll be darned, I didn't know X had an outlet". Is there a hidden part of the internet where this kind of stuff is compiled?
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I imagine most every retailer has an outlet somewhere, but some are easier to reach than others.

We have a Coleman Factory Outlet here in Wichita (and their site lists several others). It's a small-ish storefront in a quiet downtown block. I've only been there once, but remember it being really nice and not being sure whether there were any significant savings to be found.

In college, a boyfriend dragged me to a Musician's Friend outlet out north of Kansas City in an industrial park where their warehouse is. It has since closed (and I'm not sure whether they still have any elsewhere), but here's another shopper's description of the store from 2007.
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I think the better way to go about it would be a compilation of Corporate headquarters, and see if any of those interest you. Those outlet locations are really just an extension of their corporate presence.
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Here's a subcategory you might want to add to your search. Some companies do once or twice a year blow-outs on seconds and overstocks instead of maintaining a store. All-Clad Cookware does a seconds event in Pittsburgh every year which draws thousands of people.
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Memphis had William-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Levenger when I lived there.
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