Combining .mp3 files
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Simple audio question. I want to take several .mp3 files and combine them into one... nothing fancy though if I could get a fade between them I would be thrilled. Windows and free are the only prerequisites.
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Best answer: Audacity.
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ACiD, by Sonic Foundry/Sony.
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rfordh nails it--Audacity can be used to import and edit MP3 files all the live-long day, with plenty of effects (including fades) thrown in--though to save your output as MP3s you will also need to download the LAME encoder and do some very minor and basic setup.
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For the MP3 bit, I like Speeks frontend. LAME itself is command-line, which may be your style, but need pichers.
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Also, MP3 Direct Cut, it's less than 100KB in size, yet is a full MP3 editing program. It's not quite as fully featured as Audacity, but it loads MP3s instantly and doesn't do all that 'importing' business.. it works on MP3s directly.
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Response by poster: Thanks... Audacity seems to be the ticket. You know, once I figured out copy and paste wasn't just for text. The LAME thing wasn't too bad, once I downloaded it and set the path it worked fine.

This is some good fun.
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If you are at all concerned about audio quality, you won't use Audacity. It's transcoding your MP3s. I use MusiCutter or MP3 Direct Cut—wackybrit is right.
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Take Monochrome/Wackybrit's advice, if you want to maintain sound quality.
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No fade, just a brutal jumpcut, but no fancy software required either:

copy /b a.mp3+b.mp3+c.mp3 abc.mp3
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[9 months later] I'm doing the opposite of what the original poster is - splitting a long file into several smaller ones - and went with the mp3 Direct Cut suggestion. It is small and obvious enough to do the easy bits, though I'm sure it can do a lot more if I played with it. Thanks for the suggestion, wackybrit, Monochrome, and ascullion.
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