Diabetes software for Mac?
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I have Type 2 diabetes. I have a Mac. Does anyone know of blood glucose meter that will work with a Mac application, where I can download the reading from the meter into the software. Hopefully, the software would export this data into a non proprietary format.
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Cinera DMS was written for the developer's diabetic wife. It supports a few common meters, is cross-platform (including support for Mac OS X 10.2 or greater), and you can contact the developer for help with support for a different meter.

I don't know if it will export data to a comma- or tab-delimited format, but it includes a report generation feature inside. You might contact the developer.
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There's also Body Journal. It says it connects to devices but doesn't specify which. The software is OS X-native.
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Every meter made today has a computer connection, and even the low-end models will export an ASCII list of the last 50 readings or so to your computer. This will work in any PC or Mac editor.

The fancier models will put the readings in a spreadsheet, give you an average, draw graphs, and have other bells and whistles, but the main thing is keeping a record that you and your doctor can review.
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