New Organizational Software?
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There is so much new organizational software available and I haven't kept up. I'm talking outliners, notes organizers, etc. I am currently using TexNotes Pro, have seen OneNote, Basecamp/Backpack and at one time used KeyNote. One program I know is popular, but I don't care for is Evernote. With that in mind, any suggestions of similar software that is new on the scene?
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Well, it's not really "new on the scene," (although I can't understand why that's a requirement) but I find a Wiki to be eminently useful for this sort of thing.
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Response by poster: The reason I said, "new on the scene," is because I kept up with this kind of software for quite a few years but haven't paid any attention in the last year or two. I've looked at the Wiki possibility, but would like something more structured, categorized and ready to go. I read an interview with a writer who said the options available are "dizzying".....I'd like to hear what others are using and why. Thanks for the Wiki thought.
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I'm assuming that you're on Windows (the OneNote reference) but do you need to share information across platforms? Do you want that information accessible via the internet? Do you want to use (and synchronise with) a handheld device?

You might like to check the archives and then keep an eye on the organization / organisation / gtd / lifehacks categories at

I use a combination of OneNote and Essential PIM (free and pro versions available; I use the free one because it does everything I need and more). When away from the computer I'm more and more tending to use good old pen & paper. Then I get to indulge my weakness for purty notebooks and good pens...
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I use a program called Note Studio. It is easy to use and has the ability to link. It comes with both a Palm and a desktop version which sync. It is interesting program, but $50 for the two versions is a little steep.
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