How do I fix a Gmail/Google voice phone number on the same account
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How do I force my Gmail account's phone number to associate with the same account's Google Voice number?

I've tried every Google search ninja trick I know to find an answer to this.

I had a former Google voice number on an account. I decided to set up Sprint for Google Voice, which is a one-click option in Google Voice. All went well. But I tried to setup send and receive phone calls on the same Gmail account and it wouldn't let me setup to receive. I read that I had to make one outbound call. When I did, the caller ID for the call was from the former Google Voice number, and not my Sprint number. In other words, Google Voice is my Sprint number. Gmail is my old GV number. And yes.. I've made sure multiple times that I'm logged into the same account. I can't figure out what to do. I've put a question on the Google support group, but don't know when to expect an answer if at all. Also, one option I've considered is deactivating the connection between Google Voice and Sprint, then reactivating it. But I've heard that there can be some problems reactivating. Any help would be appreciated.
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I figured it out. Google doesn't port your number.. Sprint still controls it. They are just using Google Voice's services to replace their voicemail and to allow call forwarding, etc. This accounts for why my gmail number didn't change.
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