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How can I create custom content for a Facebook share?

I want to be able to control the image, text and headline that are displayed when sharing. I know Facebook isn't pushing sharing anymore, they are focused on like, but for our purposes it works.

I actually got it working but didn't save the file (yep I'm an idiot) now I can't find where I located the code that made it work.

I have Googled my brains out and have yet to find it. I have come close.

For example:

Heads in the right direction but none of the meta items work.
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Assuming you've implemented the correct OpenGraph tags, you should run your URL through their URL linter to refresh their cached version.
posted by mkultra at 9:51 AM on September 20, 2012

Stack Overflow is one of the official support channels for Facebook. You will probably have better luck browsing/asking the facebook tag. Keep in mind that a bunch of old APIs were deprecated around the beginning of this year, so you should ignore most blogs and forum posts that predate 2012. Or at least treat them with suspicion until you've verified them with the current developer documentation.

[metafilter is a terrible place for technical questions like this due to the combination of lack of question editing and the difficulty of marking up code so that it is readable]
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