Help with music for 'Grand Slam' moment slideshow for work...
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I am putting together a slideshow for my library system's staff day, based on grand slam moments in the lives of staff. I need help with the music...

I have decided to go with Phil Spector-ish girl group music from the sixties and need some additional suggestions (or improvements).

For the staff members who have provided pictures celebrating the births of their children and grandchildren, I am going to use a snippet of the Ronettes "Be My Baby."

For those that have provided pictures of their weddings, I am using the Dixie Cups "Going to the Chapel."

I also have pictures of staff members with celebrities (think Comic Con photos) as well as graduation pictures.

We are also planning to photoshop staff members (the ones who never participate) into famous pictures...

I know the whole concept is kind of cheesy, but the thing is going to last less than two minutes tops and we have a slide show every year and they are always awful.

I am going to add as many photos as I can that are pulled from the web to make it visually interesting (most of those will flash by at Stan Brakhage speed).

So yeah - any suggestions?
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sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows - lesley gore !
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If enough of these people going to Comic-Con like events are male, or in pictures with males, "He's a Rebel" comes to mind, in keeping with your theme... otherwise "You Came You Saw You Conquered"?

"You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin' " for the obviously photoshopped pictures of the non-participants, if that wouldn't come off as too barbed, or "You're My Soul and Inspiration"? (both by the Righteous Brothers, another Phil Spector act)
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Jimmy Buffett, love in the library
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I don't know what to use for the third song, but if it is in the same vein as the first two, it might be fun to do a song that is the complete opposite with the photoshopped photos. Heavy metal or classical. Something that really contrasts.
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So are you only looking for Spector-ish stuff?
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Yes to You Should See the Other Guy - just looking for Spector-ish stuff.

Definitely going with "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows"
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