Two jobs with one application?
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Job number citing for two almost identical jobs?

I applied to an admin job (Posting #1) at a particular company Friday night. Glancing through the description again, I noticed there was a job number I forgot to cite. Oops. I did put "Application: [job title]" in the subject line of the email though.

I went to the company's website, where I found a second job posting (Posting #2). Posting #1 was not listed on the company website (I found it on a different website), but 1 & 2 are practically identical.

The titles are the same, the duties are the same, the respective job numbers are off slightly (e.g. 0102 vs 0105). Posting #1 prefers someone with a bit of knowledge in X (possibly they might want to develop the candidate towards cross training in X later?) and a little more education, but the specifically described job duties and other qualifications/skills are word for word the same as posting #2.

I'm almost glad I didn't specify the job # in my application, because I'm practically applying for both - if I can learn more about X per Job #1, great, but I'm fine with #2 too.

Should I email a followup saying I was specifically applying for posting #1? (My education background is higher than what #2 asks, more in line with what #1 asks, but I do not have background in X per #1's preference.) FYI, this is not an "online application system" - both postings direct one to email the same generic HR email @
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There's a chance that both postings are actually for the same job, and the different job numbers are for them to track which website their candidates are coming from.
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