Was this a real XKCd comic? Or am I mis-remembering?
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Memory Fail: Was this a XKCD comic?

It was a long (instead of the usual landscape style) comic of I think nine panels, set into two columns.

The comic featured a stick figure entering some kind of education establishment, but the speech bubbles had no text, just symbols.

The stick figure graduates/ leaves the institution with thier 'speech' /though bubble showing the same symbols as the people teaching them, before-hand the first stick figure had scribbles whereas the 'learned' one had triangles I think?

I can't find it online (if indeed it is even an xkcd) and it is driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance.
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For what it's worth I have a fairly good knowledge of XKCD and I don't remember anything like you're talking about.
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This one is laid out similarly to what you describe. Plus there are triangles at the end!
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If it wasn't XKCD, could it have been Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal?

I seem to remember the comic as well, but in my mind, it looks like more of a smbc style than an xkcd style.
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I can remember the comic, but I don't think it was XKCD. Maybe phdcomic? But I don't see it in the archives there either. I remember someone buying a large poster size version of it.

It's difficult to get the right search terms for this one; it's wonderfully non verbal.
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I am like 75% sure it was SMBC.
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Best answer: sparklemotion has it! It was SMBC's Life of Thought, available in poster form
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Best answer: But see http://www.xkcd.com/1028/
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I was indeed confused and the comic I was thinking of was the 'Life of Thought' in SMBC as linked to by ceribus peribus.

I am so thankful and relieved! My brain was fixated on finding out what that was.

Thanks everyone.
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