What is this style of ring and what is it made out of?
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Jewelry Filter: What is this style of ring and what is it made out of? Flowers made out of some seemly synthetic or plastic.


What's the flower fitting called? Are the flowers or any form of intricate fittings made in gemstone?
Are there more expensive versions of these, in necklace form maybe?

Sorry I don't know anything about jewelry.
Thanks for reading :)
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I font think there is a specific name for this style of ring. The description states that the flowers are glass.
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According to your link, the flowers are made of glass and the metal is silver plating.
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Response by poster: Wow how did I miss that. Sorry every body. What I'm really looking for is a better way to find more similar necklaces, with some kind of intricately shaped gemstone. I love the flower shape in here, is there any way for a jewelry company to shape/manufacture stones into specific shapes or are they all cut into roughly spherical or rectangular prism shapes?
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Best answer: Cutting stones would be hard to do, but glass or molded plastic might be easier--check out the Etsy seller/crafters.
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Best answer: You might try "carved glass jewelry" or "carved gemstone jewelry" as search terms.
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Best answer: there are lots of glass beads out there shaped like flowers, if you wanted to make your own. Lampwork is a good search term to use.
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Best answer: You can find these rings made with semi-precious stones that is frosted, set in 14K if you like. There are many designers that make this sort of jewelry. You can get very expensive ones from H. Stern or most local (non-chain) jewelers can help you.
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Best answer: Softer stones like coral are often carved into flowery shapes - look for opal and turquoise carved jewelry as well. I think harder gemstones (rubies, sapphires, etc) are more difficult to carve this way.
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