Help me find this lost webcomic!
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[Vague Webcomic Filter] I'm looking for a webcomic from the early 2000's. It was black and white with maybe a slight anime style to it.

It started off with a girl starting at a new high school - I think based in Canada. She finds a group of slightly misfit friends and hilarity ensues. I think the name is based on the school they go to.

I don't think it continued for more than a few years - but I would like to re read it again - knowing I enjoyed it at the time. If it helps, they all went to a Catholic School (remembering they wore uniforms.)

I know this is INCREDIBLY vague, but it's driving me crazy!
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This is almost certainly not Pedigree Girls but it could be and it's deliciously twisted so I'm posting it.
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Best answer: Haven't read it (came up via googling), but Avalon has the plot points & timeline you mention.
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Response by poster: YES! Thank you! :)
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