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How to find distributors. What distributors to ask for distributing a product?

We have a start-up here in the US that brings in a little money. As a fun side project we developed a Life Style product (we have PhDs in Chemistry).

It is the only product in its niche that actually works and it actually has a scientific basis. People are shocked how good it works. We are not experienced in marketing B2C (business to consumer) products since we normally do mainly B2B or B2G (business to government) in our main business.

It is not efficient for us to talk to a single point of sale We need to talk to distributors that can deliver to many outlets at once. Preferably outlets like gas stations, convenient stores, possibly bars. 7/11 would be to big for us a this stage.

If you know such distributors, can suggest such distributors or have another suggestion I would appreciate if you could post it here.

You can also email us: metafilter007@gmail.com
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This Doing Business with 7-Eleven page might be a good starting point.

As for identifying distributors, just walk into some gas stations and convenience stores and tell them you have a product that you'd like to sell (even show it to them if you are so inclined, especially if you think it will wow them) and were hoping they could tell you the names of a few of the wholesale distributors who deliver products to them of this general nature (for example, non-food items or whatever). Most people will be willing to give you a little information, and then you can go online with that information and eventually figure out who the big players are.

Then you need to figure out what margins everyone works on.
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McLane and Core-Mark are big convenience store distributors that I know of. This article lists a bunch more.
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