Did we buy the wrong sink?
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Did we buy the wrong sink?

We redid our laundry, and we installed this cool sink that we bought cheap at Habitat for Humanity:


But now we find that it has a 3" diameter drain hole, and every drain assembly we can find is 3.5".

We could get one of these:


...but the problem is that we need to connect the drain to the wall, not the floor. Because:

a) That's where the plumbing is, and b) We need to store stuff under the sink

What are our options? Is it possible to find a 3" diameter drain basket assembly? Is it possible to bore out the hole to 3.5" without destroying the sink? (It's cast iron with a fine porcelain coating, so it seems unlikely/very difficult). Do we just need to find another sink?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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It looks like that trap/strainer assembly does drain to the wall. The bit on the floor appears to be a sort of foot for mechanical support, not part of the actual plumbing.

That aside, this looks like it might get you where you need to go.
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The same vendor also offers this one, which includes an adapter that takes the outlet down to 1.5".
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