how old are these bricks?
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Looking for a book describing how to date a building using physical evidence in the building itself.

I took a class in college on the subject, but can't find my notes and have had no luck with google. In the class we discussed date ranges for different nail types, date ranges for brick manufacturing methods and how to recognize them, when decorative molding shapes changed, date ranges and how to recognize saw marks on wood, that kind of thing. I am not interested in architectural style guides at all.
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Can you track down the teacher of that course?
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Response by poster: I found the source list for the class but it is entirely very specific academic articles on single topics, and I was hoping there was an overview out there. I can definitely email the instructor, just had been hoping to save that for a more interesting question.

Now I'm wondering if instead I should track down all the specific articles and write the book that should exist but doesn't seem to.
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Perhaps How to Read Buildings?

The keyword you may want to use is architectural investigation.
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