help me name my online company pretty please
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Help me come up with a name for my new business venture, please?

I'm starting an online business that specializes in conducting credit/background checks and employment verification services for roommates.

In other words, if you wanted to rent a room to someone (say from craigslist, air-bnb, etc.) and you wanted to make sure the person is not going to turn out to be a crazy person, you would hire us to check them out for you, as well as other services, like drawing up agreements, etc. The main difference between us and other companies being that other such verification services target landlords/management companies solely.

What clever and creative name should I call it? Ideally, i'd like the name to have good seo and upon a client seeing it, knowing exactly what it is we do.

Thanks in advance!
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Perfect Strangers
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Roommate Intelligence

Know Your Roomie


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The Reference Section
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rent checks
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Verify Them


Trust But Verify

Verification Solutions
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Since it is a new venture for you ... I'll ask you something not totally related to your question ... Not to be a pry ... but is that totally legal in your neck of the woods?

Seems like it might be a bit of an invasion of privacy and/or come a little bit close to private investigation, which is generally licensed and regulated. You'd probably want to get an authorization from the potential renter beforehand

If you did it to me, without my permission, I'd look into suing you.

But, good luck. Perhaps "Know your roomie" ... could even work both ways ... I'd want to know about my potential roommates before I move in.
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Great suggestions guys!

Jannw, great question. Yes, the potential renter/roommate would need to give permission for us to perform the checks and release the info to the person renting their space. Much in the same way potential tenants allow real estate companies to do so for landlords.
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If you want pure SEO value, you should use something like RoommateBackgroundCheck or whatever is highly searched in Google (check Google keyword search tool). You can add dashes if what you want is already taken.
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