It was the most extraordinary line I ever stood on.
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How early should I line up for the New York Film Festival showing of Lawrence of Arabia at the Film Society of Lincoln Center?

It's very high profile release (8K Lawrence of Arabia!) at a very high profile festival but I've never stood in line at the Film Society box office. If the box office opens at 12 noon and my plan is to get in line at 9am do you think I'll get my ticket?

I'm hoping someone who's done this at the Film Society before might show up and give me a straight answer but all recommendations are, of course, welcome!
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I would think (based on pre-2004 experience with the NYFF) that that should be sufficient lead time, but I understand your nervousness. There's going to be a lot of interest in that.
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Data point: at the University of Chicago in the 1990s I insisted we arrive well in advance for a screening of Lawrence of Arabia (regular old version). My two friends & I were about 25% of the crowd.

The trick, dr handsome, is not minding that you're showing up ridiculously early.
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The first answer, very helpful!

The second, less helpful (it's the 50th NYFF!) but clever!

Thanks both!
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I can't speak to the NYFF, or Lincoln Center, but..
I saw Lawrence last year in restored 70mm at the Egyptian in Hollywood. It was sold out online, and the house was full.
Don't underestimate current interest in this.. I think you're right to get there early.
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The line was not 9 am long but it got pretty long. If anyone else is lining up next year and wants that one special screening I'd recommend becoming a member (many screenings sold out in the members pre-sale) or lining up 1 hour early.

And the line was outside the Alice Tully Hall not the Film Society box office, a fact I luckily discovered just in time to get in line.
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Hell, I should have warned you about Alice Tully Hall—I ran into the same problem! In my defense, it's been a long time...
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