Concerns about .fm domain registration?
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What are some concerns, if any, for purchasing a .fm domain versus using the standard crop of top level domains?

I'm based out of the U.S. and looking at purchasing *mylastname*.fm for the purpose of email. I've looked at just about every various of my name (my initials and combinations of first, middle and last names) and they are all taken. Do I need to be concerned that I would be unable to renew the domain in the future due to it being a country code top-level domain?
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I suppose the Federated States of Micronesia could stop offering domain names, but seeing as it is a significant source of revenue for the nation, it doesn't seem likely.

It does seem a bit pricey, though.
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Keep in mind that whenever you use a country's TLD, you play by the rules of that country, no matter how silly they seem to be and no matter how unfair your think the rule makers are. The .ly domain space to be considered unsafe. Sure, the chances of you having a problem are slim, but you're doing your due diligence and I think this should be something you're aware of going in.
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Beyond the country code logistics I will say that people can and do forget that you use non standard TLDs and will use .com as a default. The .fm space is more secure than some like .ly, .so, etc. as they've set things up to market broadly, but I still caution folks.
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