How can I print to a Post-It on a budget?
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I'm looking for the ability to print to a post-it. 3M wants too much. Any knock-offs or alternatives I could try? Must fit in a standard print tray.

Ideally, I can print straight to the medium and cut/tear/punch them out to post on a wall. 3M has printable post-it paper, but the costs seem to be around $0.50 per post-it. I'd prefer the cost to be a tenth of that, even if I can only get it in bulk.

I'm willing to hear any alternatives. Other things that would work:
  • A tiny printer (no really)
  • Post-it-like glue for any paper surface
  • Post-it-like adhesive tape
  • Printing services that can make something like this for a reasonable cost
Bonus points if I can choose the color.
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Best answer: You can stick them on a piece of paper and print on it like this.
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If you're doing it in small batches, something like this DIY guide to printing on post-it notes should work just fine.
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Vistaprint has sticky notes. If you're only buying one the price comes out to around $0.10 per sheet, but it decreases if you purchase higher quantities.
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Also, google "vistaprint personalized stick notes" and you'll find links with discounts.
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Post-it glue stick.
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Roll-on repositionable glue tape.
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Print on what ever paper you want. Get a xyron machine and repositionable adhesive cartridge for it. Xyron has tiny sticker size kid-oriented machines, up to big pro machines made of metal. They're great for lamination too.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for the prompt answers. I'm going with beyond_pink's recommendation (since we need them so soon), but I'll probably switch to carmel's Vistaprint recommendation in the future.
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