How else can I gorge myself on whole grain mustard?
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I've just discovered the magic of Maille Old Style whole grain mustard and it is glorious. What are your favorite whole grain mustard recipes?

I've been slathering it on lunch meat and putting it on things to grill or roast, but I'm wondering if there are more creative options I haven't come up with yet. We try to eat paleo, so non carby options are especially appreciated. Thanks! Can't wait to try your suggestions!
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Vinaigrette! I am a mustard fiend, and I find classic French-style mustards make amazing vinaigrettes. Especially if there's a little left in the bottom of an nearly empty jar. Then jar of vinaigrette!
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Mustard and Garlic Crusted Pork Tenderloin: Oh. God.
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compound butter if you eat dairy - work whole-grain mustard and softened butter together. Form back into a log and chill. Cut slices to top hot steaks, chicken, fish, vegetables, whatever. OMG.
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Pork chips with mustard leeks - can also do with chicken. (This is the recipe I use, but I usually forget the sugar/subs OK.)
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I use that exact mustard to make awesome deviled eggs. I'm paleoish too so I make my own mayo to use for them. Sometimes I am too lazy to make the mayo so I just slather some mustard on an egg and top with paprika - super tasty.
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I like to use it on rack of lamb. Finely mince some garlic, dollop of whole grain mustard, white wine to thin it out a little. I salt and pepper the rack a little before putting this mixture on it. Roast till done. I do something similar with loin of pork. I'll butterfly the loin, fill it with thinly sliced apple, roll back up then cover with a similar mixture. Instead of wine I use apple juice.
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I love Maille mustards! Here's my lazy person's quick and easy mustard pasta:

Cook some linguine or spaghetti, drain and put back in the pan with a generous helping of wholegrain mustard. Stir and serve with bread (and maybe a small salad with home-made vinaigrette dressing using the same mustard).

Haddock, especially smoked haddock is perfect with mustard, for example: smoked haddock with poached egg and mustard sauce.

It's also lovely with asparagus.

Someone attended a Maille pop up supper club (mostarda tutti frutti ice cream?).

Lastly, this recipe for Dutch mustard soup has given me some ideas.
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Cauliflower soup with whole grain mustard is one of my favorite things - boil up a head of cauliflower (stems too) and add 2-3 tablespoons of whole grain mustard. Puree as much as desired for your particular soup preferences (you could also pour off all the water and have more of a mashed potato substitute if you prefer). Add cheddar cheese if you're feeling extra decadent.
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I often make Pierre Franey's Chicken Breasts with Mustard Sauce (link goes to a newspaper page, and you need to scroll down past the cartoon kitchen cartoon to get to the recipe). I often substitute scallions for the shallots, and usually skip the chives.
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Mustard hollandaise sauce, oh man. Make whatever your default hollandaise sauce is, and mix in mustard at the end - I use one to two tablespoons of mustard for four yolks, for reference.

What does this go on? Everything. Poached eggs, any vegetable, most's versatile.

I'll usually slick a layer of straight-up mustard on a quiche or savory tart before I add the toppings or filling.
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